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3rd flr 1200 - A MCY BLDG, , Quezon City, 1106

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About me

Live Freely! While you take care of your family, maintain food safety on your home or business. You can be worry free from Zero Pest Control Services! We specializes in pest control services and carpet steam cleaning and all upholstered items, using state-of-the-art equipments to eliminate pest infestations in your home or business.  Zero Pest brings peace to life! It is intrinsic in us to provide solutions to your pest problems.

  • VISION - To be the preferred pest control service provide in the country that establsih organizations to build a mark in their own industry; The mark of being Zero Pest protected!
  • MISSION - To bring best value to different organizations of different industries.
  • WE ARE COMMITTED TO:    Continuously strive for the attainment of a pest free environment by being knowledgeable about pest biology and habits to enable us to develop and deliver the most effective and responsible treatment programs for residential, industrial, and commercial establishments.​​
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My services


  • General Pest Control
  • Termite Control and Elimination 
  • Pre-Construction Termite Control
  • Post Contruction Termite Control
  • Disinfection Program
  • In House Pest Management
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning and all upholstered items

My achievements

How we dot it?

We achieve results by properly communicating to the customer about their problem. We do not just treat whatever pest problem you have, we inspect and provide inspection report to customers.  We educate customers, how we can eliminate them.  Solving pest problems require cooperation with customers, after our treatment, we again provide service report with recommendations on how to avoid the same infestation. It is a requirement to have constant communication with the company we are servicing. 

some of our clients:

Aboitiz Power, Metro Pacific & Fitness First Philippines, UCPI, Metro Dental, Condominiums and Residentials.