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Your appliances service center
33 Reviews

  • Donna B. Macaraeg
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Nicely done and fix. Tnx


by Lani Oria - 26 Apr 2017

Tnx! Gud pm

by Your appliances service center - 26 Apr 2017

I just call to the service center of aircon courtesy of and i tell them what is the problem of my aircon window type. The fan is to slow. Di p nila nchechek pero alam n nila sira. Most likely Capacitor replacement ang sira daw and tama nman cla pag dting nila s bhay n gawa kgad nila aircon ko. Good job;) tnx


by omar dizon - 26 Mar 2017

Nice and professional. On time the day schedule. Thank you


by IVY JEAN BALLETA - 26 Mar 2017

Thank you for the info.


by Viola Perello - 22 Feb 2017

Tnx for the fast service and updating with us. Keep it up


by May - 22 Feb 2017

Thank you for the service.


by Irine Cohen - 7 Feb 2017

The technician is good and easy to talk too. Good diagnostic for troubleshoot of all my aircon. Window type and floor mounted split type. Thank you so much


by Christian Gospel Center - 7 Feb 2017

Thank you;)

by Your appliances service center - 7 Feb 2017

Finish and great. Much cheaper than the others. Tnx


by Shirley talastas - 7 Feb 2017

Pre-sales support was great as I was able to schedule a service within a few days and contact was very responsive. The crew was also professional and efficient, cleaning was done in less than an hour. However, I noticed that all of us got colds/cough afterwards so I assume that they were not as careful in keeping the dust from spreading all over. I also saw afterwards that paint on our ceiling on top of the unit was damaged. I called to complain about this, and also about the fact that temperature did not seem to improve even after paying additional 1800 for freon refill, however I did not get any response nor action from them.


by Venice Young - 7 Feb 2017

Thank you very much for trusting worker. Good job. Gud am


by Cherry Mendoza - 9 Jan 2017