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My name is Jay Ar, the owner of WRFR Engineering services. I started this business for less than a decade. As a developer, I make sure that all our works are superb! No hassle for clients who are always busy, will take care of their needs. I am very easy to talk to and very accommodating with your budget.

God bless Us & to our industry!


We do: Renovate! (Residential, condominium and offices)
Including Electrical, Mechanical, Fire protection & Plumbing, Roofing Installation,


Me & my groups are exercised this work less than a decade , As Developer or building owner representative. Project in-charge for improvements main lobby & facade, receptions, elevator lobby's & hallway.
Including renovation for residential & office condominium units to be leased.
Maintaining a several Development Properties, or a high rise & 30-49 storey buildings, Including Electrical, Mechanical, Fire protection & Plumbing,
We are always followed administration's, house rules & guidelines.


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Joseph Stephen Modesto over 3 years ago

Price: The faucet installation was 1,200php. For labor, it's a bit pricey but not unreasonable. I was told most labor would be around 700 to 1000php if you could contact a plumber directly. Quality of Work: The plumber was able to identify the needed parts, and he accompanied me to purchase the other items we needed (tubing and caps) apart from the faucet. He had the necessary skills to perform the job. Professionalism: Both plumber and WRFR was courteous and easy to talk to Others: WRFR was easy to contact via cellphone and the plumber arrived at the expected time. Overall: I'm pretty satisfied as I got what I needed.

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Cherry Eusebio over 3 years ago

Jay Ar was very professional. He arrived on time and assessed the work that needed to be done. He explained it to me very well and how his staff intends to do it. He then gave a quotation. Open to negotiations, honest, and reliable. If there is any repair or work I need in the future, I would definitely consider getting him again.

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