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Maintenance and sanitary management is a very important part of any business entity. It is however a sad reality that the majority of businesses have given this particular section of their operations minimal attention which cause some detrimental effects and a lot of problems such as: reduced quality outputs; labor cases due to mismanagement of the low- level employees; poor dissemination of work; clueless and untrained personnel and; so much more that result in the increase of unnecessary expenses.
We firmly believe that maintenance and sanitary management is a continuous operation. We provide monitoring and management, consistency in daily work output, and a partnership between us and our clients. TripleCrown Co. aims to be a contributor to your success by doing the dirty work for you.

Our personnel or as we like to call them “assistants” are resourceful, honest, flexible and fully capable. They are trained
to give sufficient time and effort to know the business they are involved with in order to fully grasp what are the current problems and even come up with possible solutions related to maintenance and sanitary management. We make sure that they are equipped
with the necessary equipment for the effective and efficient care of your business establishment(s)/ property(s).

- Mission

o The mission of TripleCrown Co. is reflected through our utmost dedication to customer satisfaction by offering them competitive solutions with our quality products and services. We strive to be partners and assistants to their success and well-being by giving a friendly- hand in cleaning and sanitation matters- with a smile on our faces.
- Vision

o Our goal is to be number one in the cleaning industry by aiding households and business owners world/nation- wide by offering affordable and competitive products and solutions, either by trade or by service, to cleanliness, maintenance and/or perpetual care.


Services Offered (either by contract period or per project)

- General Cleaning
- Waste/ Sanitary Management
- Carpet Cleaning
- Basic Pest Control
- Power Washing/ Hosing
- Landscape Maintenance
- Tile & Grout cleaning
- Grease trap cleaning
- Aircon cleaning
Prices may vary depending on nature of agreement (contract or project). For the latter, the computation will be per square meter or cubic meter depending on the height and space of the area.

The benefits of having us as a partner:

- We provide and train all the personnel to handle all equipment necessary for the accomplishment of the tasks designated.
- Our management team conducts weekly site visits to ensure that all the personnel meets the client’s standards and equipment are in good working condition.
- Since maintenance of the work place is an essential and perpetual part of keeping a business fit to perform, our management team and personnel continually plans and generate solutions to existing maintenance procedures or issues to improve output.
- We firmly believe that every business is unique and that is why we promote flexibility and cooperation in our services.
- Our employees are trained to strictly adhere and/or abide to your rules and regulations, time schedule and regular working days.
- The computation, payment and remittance for the payroll of each personnel are done by us for the purpose of achieving our goal of being your partner for improvement and easement.
- The principal liability for any personnel complaints, 13th month payments (only), medical aid and even lawsuits or Labor cases free from your fault and/or participation for such cause, shall not be yours. At your instance, any personnel can be replaced for your satisfaction.



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