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About me


To be the best cleaning and sanitizing service provider in the Philippines that utilizes an environment-friendly thermo dry steam technology.


To provide sanitizing services that will decontaminate harmful pathogens and make the home or office environment hygienically clean.

To ensure that every household / organization has a healthy environment that is clean, sterilized, deodorized and bacteria free.


TDES SANITIZING SERVICES utilizes an environment-friendly sanitizing and cleaning technology. The German made Thermo dry steam cleaner produces steam at high temperatures that is very dry and is also suited very well for the cleaning of textiles, like beds, carpets and upholstered furniture. The process gets rid of harmful debris such as embedded dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens and leaves a hygienically clean and sterilized environment.

Through the use of our self-decalcifying dry steam cleaning machine, the process gives high level of cleanliness that is 99.9% chemical free and environmental friendly. It can deodorize and kill germs and bacteria from mattresses, kitchen wares to room textiles that even greases are dissolved. Guaranteed no burning and no moisture stains. The system is equally effective in bathroom tiles, all types of flooring and wall surfaces and glass.

We provide onsite services to homes and organizations of all sizes. Our service vans are fully equipped with state of art sanitizing equipment and organic cleaning products while our service teams are trained sanitation specialists who are not only dependable and efficient professionals but are highly trustworthy and hardworking.


We are 100% committed to the environment. Our pledge to our clients is to only use Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Sanitation processes.

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My services

General cleaning is basically sufficient if you do it regularly. However, if you want to ensure a healthy environment, you also need to sanitize your home. TDES GOES BEYOND JUST CLEANING. We sanitize and germproof your home so that you can protect your family from diseases and viruses.


STEP 1. BASIC CLEANING - Basic cleaning is a necessary step prior to sanitation. It will include sweeping of floors and carpets, organizing and arranging of scattered items, wiping of window glass and frames and dusting of curtains and/or venetian blinds, as well as furniture and fixtures

STEP 2. SANITATION - Through the use of the high temperature, the Thermo dry steam cleaner will kill germs and bacteria, remove greases and stains easily and clean rough as well as smooth surfaces hygienically. The cleaning is done only through water vapour. No need for chemicals or cleaning products for a cheap, healthy and environmental-friendly sanitation process.

STEP 3. BIOMISTING - Germproof coating solution includes specially formulated microbe shields essential for household, industrial, hospital, and food service businesses' protection. The active ingredient utilizes NASA-LEVEL technology that creates polymeric film "barrier" on the skin or surface which remains and can be survive multiple washings. 

My achievements

Ratings & reviews

  • "Professional. Prompt. Effective."

    byJill Paderanga-Singian -29 Nov 2016House Cleaning inOrtigas, Pasig
  • "Great job cleaning my bathroom. Bathroom wall and floor stains all gone! Not so impressed w the bedroom/organizing job though. Seems like cleaner relied too much on the steaming machine and didnt bother to wipe first or after. When i passed my fingers through some surfaces i could still feel dust residues. She also didnt bother to wipe clean off of dust my travel bag hidden underneath my bed. But floor cleaning and organizing was good. I just hoped she did or extended a lil bit more on cleaning my dusty luggage bag underneath my bed as she did the floors under it and did better on organizing when it came to closet. Stain on my chair didnt go away either unlike what i saw on other reviews. So kinda didnt meet my expectations on that part. But really amazing job on the bathroom and loved the way my place felt and smelled right after. "

    byLucille Sarmiento -16 Oct 2016House Cleaning inGuadalupe Viejo
  • "Floor tiles were not OC-cleaned may be due to the use of organic cleaning materials. Use of steam machines to clean mattress, sofa and other hard to reach nooks are okay but I guess it would be better if those areas were vacuumed first. I expected 3 cleaners to arrive since it was represented via sms, but only 2 cleaners showed up. "

    byMaureen Belen -06 Oct 2016House Cleaning inMandaluyong
    ThermoDry EcoSteam Sanitizing Services (TDES)

    Thank you for your feedback, Ms. Maureen. This will help us continue improving our services. With regards to the team arrived, we apologize that only two were able to make it to your place since one of our staff got sick during that day, and all the others already have assigned duties. We hope to clean+sanitize+germproof your place again!

  • "very happy with the service. Sherly explained the process as she went through it step by step. Will avail again soon."

    byEleanor Singson -03 Oct 2016Upholstery Cleaning inMandaluyong
  • "Your service charged is reasonable and your staff 's performance were excellent. "

    bySoledad Francisco -01 Oct 2016Upholstery Cleaning inCubao
  • "The staff are amenable, professional and pleasant. However does not give impression that they are seasoned cleaners. Also I was not satisfied with the outcome. Maybe it is not a service that you provide however the dirt stains in the sofa did not come off. "

    byVanessa Pasamba -22 Sep 2016Upholstery Cleaning inParanaque
    ThermoDry EcoSteam Sanitizing Services (TDES)

    Thank you for your feedback, Ms. Vanessa. We hope that we can enlighten you that there are kinds of stain that can be removed over time, depending on its cause and duration. Sadly, there are also stains that is already permanent and even strongest chemicals cannot addressed it. Thus, only destroy the material of your upholstery. Furthermore, we are still hopeful for its recovery. Thank you.

  • "Highly recommended, excellent service and very detailed in their cleaning! Not to mention a very friendly and enthusiastic staff. Will get them again for sure for my next cleaning."

    byMayk Juat -12 Sep 2016Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning inMakati
  • "Very Good service nice personnel.will get there service again.....very satisfied customer here..."

    byGonzales Michael -07 Sep 2016Carpet Cleaning inSan Antonio, Pasig
  • "The staff were all professional and they did a thorough cleaning of my sofa set and bed mattress. Will definitely hire them again."

    byBella Ong -04 Sep 2016Upholstery Cleaning inBangkal
  • "Generally the service is ok. 4 cleaners arrived. They are all nice.... they finished 4.5 hrs or a little bit less for a 60sqm unit.. im expecting a better service though."

    byChristina Cheng -15 Jul 2016House Cleaning inMandaluyong