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ThermoDry EcoSteam Sanitizing Services (TDES)
53 Reviews

  • TDES Sanitation Specialist
  • Makati City, 1209
  • 265-615-773-000

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About me


To be the best cleaning and sanitizing service provider in the Philippines that utilizes an environment-friendly thermo dry steam technology and using only all-natural and organic cleaning solutions.

To provide sanitizing services that will decontaminate harmful pathogens and make the home or office environment hygienically clean.
To ensure that every household / organization has a healthy environment that is clean, sterilized, deodorized and bacteria free.

Our company is providing a deep cleaning and sanitation service that uses all-natural and organic cleaning solutions. We utilize a German technology dry steam machine that can thorough clean such as bed mattresses, upholstery, carpets, curtains, toilet and bathrooms, kitchen sink to countertops, even ceilings, walls and floor, at the same time, it can deodorize, kill bacteria, germs, viruses and get rid of molds in your environment. Even hard to remove greases are dissolved. Guaranteed no burning and no moisture stains.

To ensure a healthy and hygienic environment, we apply an alcohol-free germproof coating solution after the sanitation process which can prevent diseases and infections for everyone.
The TDES process goes beyond cleaning for condominium units, townhouses, offices and commercial establishments. From refreshing an old house to removal of post-construction debris.

We are 100% committed to the environment. Our pledge to our clients is to only use Eco-Friendly Cleaning and Sanitation processes.


My services

General cleaning is basically sufficient if you do it regularly. However, if you want to ensure a healthy environment, you also need to sanitize your home. TDES GOES BEYOND JUST CLEANING. We sanitize and germproof your home so that you can protect your family from diseases and viruses.


 - Basic cleaning is a necessary step prior to sanitation. It will include sweeping of floors and carpets, organizing and arranging of scattered items, wiping of window glass and frames and dusting of curtains and/or venetian blinds, as well as furniture and fixtures.
 - Through the use of the high temperature, the Thermo dry steam cleaner will kill germs and bacteria, remove greases and stains easily and clean rough as well as smooth surfaces hygienically. The cleaning is done only through water vapour. No need for chemicals or cleaning products for a cheap, healthy and environmental-friendly sanitation process.
 - Germproof coating solution includes specially formulated microbe shields essential for household, industrial, hospital, and food service businesses' protection. The active ingredient utilizes NASA-LEVEL technology that creates polymeric film "barrier" on the skin or surface which remains and can be survive multiple washings. 

My achievements

September 2016 to December 2016 Gawin Champion Vendor
December 2016 Gawin PRO of the Month

January Gawin Champion Vendor
January 2017  Gawin PRO of the Month
February 2017 Champion Vendor
March 2017 Champion Vendor

Reviews & Rating

Two thumbs up. They're so reliable and trustworthy that getting their service allowed me to run errands while they cleaned our unit.


by Rafi Sartin - 22 May 2017

First, we agreed on a precise schedule as I had to leave, they committed but they were late and they knew I am in a condo so they need to register, few papers, ... so basically they started 45 minutes late. I have hired them to clean a sofa and a bed, overall the service by itself was good but not exceptional, maybe my expectations were too high.


by Louis-David Kerscaven - 4 May 2017

We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate event we had. We always try our best effort to give our clients the quality we have promised. Thank you for this feedback and we will ensure to use this as learning experience. God Bless!

by ThermoDry EcoSteam Sanitizing Services (TDES) - 4 May 2017

Happy with the result, would recommend and most likely avail their services again :)


by Jelyka Mildred Del Corro - 30 Apr 2017

Great work, cleaning with quality. Innovative use of steam to be bacteria free. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and truly has the heart to clean the place. They provide demo of what they're doing and explains the process. Surely I'll be getting them again.


by Mark A. Ramos - 24 Apr 2017

Service is good and the quality of service is superb! ;)


by tara remo - 22 Apr 2017

Looks almost back to before renovation. Good deep clean. Thanks so much to you and your team, Judy! Sulit.



They came late -- but the work done compensated for their being late. Staff were efficient and respectful.


by connie sayon - 3 Apr 2017

They were on time. Although, the steamer did not get all the dirt and stains, it was not due to lack of trying. They did their best to meet my standard of clean.


by Leila Vasquez - 9 Mar 2017

Thank you so much TDES! You guys are awesome at cleaning! I will definitely hire you again for all my cleaning needs.


by Kristie De Castro - 8 Mar 2017

reliable and courteous staffs. suggestion: improve time agreement when to start/arrival at the site.


by FPT Software - 13 Feb 2017