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  • Andrew David

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by Rossana Bonifacio - 12 Mar 2017

The problems i wanted them to resolve, aside from cleaning the split units, returned immediately afyer the repair shop personnel left. I notified and requested that someone competent come and do a backjob, it was not easy and response was not quick. So, until now no one from the shop has returned. Disappointing!!


by Mely Agabin - 11 Sep 2016

Andrew of Dokrepairshop did not show up on our scheduled appointment. I texted him on the day of our schedule but he did not reply. I called him, no answer. If he does not want to provide their service, the least he could do is text. And why did he give his quotation if he's not willing to render service in the first place.


by Elaine Dela Cruz - 30 Aug 2016

He did not come. I followed up regarding arrival and no response. Total failure.


by Stella - 29 Aug 2016


by Gero Garcia - 19 Aug 2016

The leak that was the problem started coming 1 hour after the job done. Texted right away the Dokrepairshoo and didn't get a reply until late afternoon saying by text that they will come back the following day morning. I was texting until late evening to just tell me what time in the morning they are coming. Finally I got a text at 12 past noon today saying he just woke up as many jobs and he will come tomorrow at 10 am. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have already wasted the whole morning today waiting for them.


by marilyn ong - 18 Aug 2016