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TECHOSERVE Construction and Supply

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  • Noel Petilla
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About me

“TechoServe Construction and Supply" is a small team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and objectives. We believe collaboration of ideas with our customers will satisfy their needs. We carefully think of a way on how to achieve your goals with the best time possible for a fraction of the cost.
We provide construction materials, wares, furniture and many more. We are also expert in providing technical services with quality work and great results.
Partnered with designers with expertise in interior design, construction, renovation and module designs, among others, The “TechoServe Construction and Supply” delivers quality, embraces passion and honors commitment.


My services

We Construct the following:
1. Construction
2. Renovation
3. Fit-outs
4. Engineering Works
4.1 Civil Works
4.2 Electrical Works
4.3 Carpentry Works
4.4 Flooring Works
4.5 Plumbing Works
4.6 Mechanical Works
5. Showrooms
6. Kiosk / Modules
7. Cabinets
8. Acrylic and Stickers

My achievements

Valued Clients:
1. AMWAY Phils. L.L.C
2. My Phone
3. Dmark Multi-Sales Inc. (BIODERMA & SEBAMED)
4. Pretzel Factory Cafe
5. Askei Systems
6. Residential Houses / Condominiums
7. Maricel Online Store

Reviews & Rating

Techoserve has the experience of meeting ends meet by providing excellent designs and considering it's clients budget constrains. Very recommendable to those who wants minor or major home renovations.


by Arlynn Enriquez - Renovation - 8 months ago

Before we talk about their finished work, it is important to highlight how accommodating and easy to deal with Engr. Petilla and his personnel. They are very professional and highly-skilled. They pride themselves on the high quality of work not only on the resulting work but more importantly on the manner how they do the work. One thing I like about the way they work is that they mix old-school craftsmanship with the use of new technologies available today. As to the resulting work, me and my wife were very impressed as they were able to execute the renovation plan. The paint job was superb and the shelves and cabinets they assembled were high quality. The pictures of our condo unit post-renovation will speak for itself. All of these in a very reasonable price. For any future work for me and my wife, we will not hesitate and will definitely secure again Engr. Petilla & Co. 's services. High Recommended Service Provider. Our many thanks to Technoserve.



by Marius Veloso - Renovation - over 1 year ago

Hi Mr. Veloso, Thank you very much for your reviews regarding the quality of our work. We always ensure the satisfaction of our customer when it comes to the outcome of our work. Our mission is to help clients to achieve their dream renovation at an affordable price while providing them the results they want. We are grateful to have you as our client and we are looking forward to working with you on your next projects. More power and God Bless!

by TECHOSERVE Construction and Supply - 2 May 2018

Amazing service!! TECHOSERVE produced quality work in such a short period of time and are very easy to talk to. I would definitely keep them in mind for future projects. Thank you very much!



by Gabriela Anne Chua - Flooring Installation - almost 2 years ago

Thank you Ms. Anne for giving us the opportunity to work for your flooring installation. It is our pleasure to serve clients like you who needs our services. We are looking forward to support you in your next projects! TECHOSERVE CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLY

by TECHOSERVE Construction and Supply - 26 Nov 2017