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Learning Pop and Contemporary Music the fun but professional, and functional way!

Join with Teacher Sam's passion in sharing music and learn in today's pop and contemporary music scene!

Coming from the Conservatory of Music
of the University of Santo Tomas
, and vast experiences of collaborations with the local and international music scene, Teacher Sam can provide you with lessons for Classical Piano, Modern Keyboard and Acoustic Guitar. 

To provide you with a smooth and comprehensive lesson arrangement, please take time to read all of the terms and conditions of the services listed below. Thank you and hope to share music with you soon! :)


Any of Teacher Sam's music lessons are designed for students starting at 6 years old, and at least a 1-hour session in duration.​

All of Teacher Sam's music lessons could be arranged with versatility and with your own preference, within the bounds of offered lessons listed below.

For example, a 1-hour music lesson can be 30 minutes Classical Piano, and 30 minutes Modern/Pop Piano. Or 30 minutes Classical Piano, then 30 minutes Acoustic Guitar.

Duration of lessons can also be negotiated!*

Student or client may prefer a 1.5 hour session or 2 hours.

*Duration adjustment will depend on student's age. Adjustment price will also follow, but can be negotiated.

Every 1-hour lesson starts at PHP 800, and will depend on client's location.

Adjustment in per-lesson price will start upon exceeding a 4 km radius from Ortigas Center. Location data is measured using Grab, Waze and Google Maps, of which will all be disclosed to the client.​

Gain more value in your learning by committing to Package Lessons!*

Upon agreement of location and price-per-hour, for example, a per-hour price of PHP800:

- PHP3,000 for a 4-Lesson Package, instead of 3,200

- PHP4,400 for a 6-Lesson Package, instead of 4,800

- PHP5,800 for an 8-Lesson Package, instead of 6,400

*Quotation for Package Lessons will also be sent to you upon inquiry and negotiation.


Classical Piano

• Involves more on note reading of classical pieces (Beethoven, Mozart, etc)

• Involves music rudiments and basic music theory

• Requires a piano or any digital piano with piano touch or piano feel

Pop/Modern Piano or Keyboard

• Involves less but still has note reading, and more on chords and pop/modern playing styles for piano/keyboard

• Involves music rudiments and basic-to-intermediate music theory

• Requires a piano or any digital piano/keyboard

​Acoustic Guitar

• Involves little of note reading, and more on chords and pop/modern playing styles for acoustic guitar

• Involves music rudiments and basic music theory​

• Requires an acoustic guitar or classical guitar


- Here at, us service providers value every quotation and transaction we make with you

- In line with with's system and policies, sending quotations to you our clients, cost us credits. To ensure a smooth and agreeable arrangement between us, I kindly request you to fully read my quotes and other info listed here in my profile page, since most of my lesson mechanics are in here, or directly communicate with me at:

• 09354233554, or


Thank you, and hope to see you real soon! :)

-- Teacher Sam

fb: /iamezeyem

tw: @iamezeyem

​ig: @iamezeyem


- Graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Emphasis on Piano
- Recipient of the Santo Domingo Scholarship program of the University of Santo Tomas
- Singer and recording artist for the UST Conservatory of Music, Music Education Department; for the Asian Folk Songs Collection album; 2009
- Member and Performer:
• Coro Tomasino, the official choir of UST’s Conservatory of Music, as baritone, from 2009-2011
- Performer:

• “24th Sampung Mga Daliri: A 10-Piano Concert” held 2008, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, as choral singer.

• “25th Sampung Mga Daliri: A 10-Piano Concert” held 2009, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, as pianist.

• “26th Sampung Mga Daliri: A 10-Piano Concert” held 2010, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, as choral singer.

- Stage Crew and Performer:
• “We Are Young: A Charity Concert, featuring the students of Academy of Rock, with Yeng Constantino and Erik Santos” held last June 7, 2014, at the Music Museum, as stage crew, pianist and back-up singer.
- Stage Crew and Performer:
• Academy of Rock's “Blast from the Past” recital; September 5, 2015, at the Music Hall, Metrowalk
- Performer:
• “Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc.”, February-March 2015, as pianist
- Performer:
• World Trade Bazaar 2015; December 2015
- Performer:
• Maginhawa Street Festival; December 2015
- Guthrie Govan Guitar Clinic; October 21, 2015, Singapore
- 'Child Protection Training UK: Safeguarding and Leading Course'; February 2, 2016, Singapore



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