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SureSolutions, Inc. is composed of former corporate officers who for years have worked for a multi-national firm engaged in the business of pest control (urban and agricultural) as well as waterproofing services. Despite being a new player in the industry, we are experienced, technically proficient and licensed pest control professionals whose aim is to promote our services to our clients through the values of utmost care, sense of urgency, trustworthiness, technical expertise and Christ-likeness.


I. Technical Services:
A. Termite Management Solutions for the effective control and prevention of termites infesting your structure and prevent their re-infestation.
1. Soil poisoning is the utilization of "imported soil termiticides" to provide a barrier protection on the entire perimeter of the house. This can be done by directly injecting the soil/ drilling small holes on concrete areas in order to insert the soil injector and allow the power sprayer to pump the technically recommended amount of chemicals into the soil;
2. Wood drenching is done to treat all infested parts of the household, structures or facility concentrating on the floor, walls, baseboards, cracks and crevices by direct spraying of termiticides. This is to control the surface infestation on the spot and help minimize further termite infestation;
3. Anti-termite powder application is properly performed by dusting or injecting powder in all electrical and cable outlets, door jambs, panel board, double walling, wood moldings, cabinets, furniture, etc. Since electrical wires are connected on the ground, termites pass through wirings and cables, likewise wooden interior finishes should not have direct contact with any liquid, hence “dusting” is an effective way to treat and prevent these areas from termite infestation;
4. Mount demolition, removal of subterranean or dry wood termite colony where queen lay eggs in their chamber and produces millions of eggs on a 24/7 basis.
B. General Pest Control Solutions as an inclusive package, it is for the purpose of effective control and prevention of all crawling insects like bacteria carrying cockroaches and flies, irritating ants, as well as dengue-causing mosquitoes, along with other related insects.
5. Anti-cockroach gel bait application on kitchen cabinets, as needed for severe infestation;
6. Spot spraying with residual effect chemical inside the house to target all crawling insects and allow proper flushing out of their presence in hard to reach areas such as corners, edges and drainage system;
7. Misting space spraying to target all possible flying insects like flies and mosquitoes. 


The years of experience gained in directly handling the pest control and waterproofing needs of various homeowners, business partners, professional practitioners (building administrators, engineers, architects, carpenters and masons) has allowed the founders of SureSolutions, Inc. to venture into a dynamic company that would render the said services to its customers through a unique and much better experience beyond normal expectations. 


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