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Sugar Savvy
  More than just a cake 
started when two best friends since high school, Barbie Cisneros and Marian Frias, decided to team up to pursue their dream of having a cake shop someday since both have passion in baking. Both started from baking for their family and friends. Barbie and Marian bake delicious foods, but have their own forte when it comes to cake decorating. Barbie uses buttercream (Team Buttercream) while Marian uses fondant (Team Fondant). Both attended special classes to hone their decorating skills. Year 2015 when these lovely ladies started their partnership and became Sugar Savvy. They started to join bazaars and are now baking not just for family and friends.


Team Buttercream

Barbie used to be known as The Home Baker by her family, friends and officemates. She managed a page and was selling brownies, cupcakes and chocolate lollipops and 3D chocolates.  Last September 2014, she decided to attend Buttercream Master Classes by Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, a world renowned and multi award winning Masters of Buttercream Art.  Since then, she has been creating beautiful flower piping designs on her cupcakes.  She has also explored other desserts to add to her repertoire.  She even tried her hands in mixing her own recipe. She now has her own pancake mix and mixing her own ice cream flavors.
Team Fondant

Marian, a mother of 3, started way back baking cakes and pastries for her children. She loves to work with fondant and has attended classes at Heny Sison Culinary School last August 2011. Since then she has created fondant cakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc.  She has also explored other desserts to add to her repertoire.
Team Ganache

Barbie and Marian started to use chocolate to cover their cakes making sharp edge ganache cakes topped with different toppers made of fondant or sugar flowers.


Fondant cakes and cupcakes
Character cakes and cupcakes
Buttercream cupcakes
Cupcake bouquets
DIY cupcake bar
Monsters cupcakes



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