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I started my professional videography & production businesses in the year 2004 where I mainly worked within the Weddings and Debuts. I now since expanded my services and now specializes in business promotional content, documentary, and travel.
Over the past years, I has grown my business by working with small local clients all the way to some of larger agencies. I has had my work shown on TV Network as well like Sharon and Mommy Academy hosted by Chiqui Roa.
As part of my service to my clients, I like to bring my professional attitude to all of my work. At all times I maintain a professional, friendly and personal attitude. I regularly send progress reports while editing and is available by phone or email at all times for changes during post-production.


I provide high quality and affordable videography & editing services. I am available for projects of any size and can work on short notice and with tight deadlines.
Some area’s I specialize in are:
– Video Editing
– Prenup Photography and Videography
– Weddings
– Debut
– Birthday Event
- Company Launching Events
– Travel Videography and Editing


I was then a part of the TV Show "Sharon", I'm one of the Master Editor from 2010 to 2011 I was under Vipe Studio before Sharon decided to sign contract to GMA 7 from TV 5. I was also a part of the team production of the TV show "Mommy Academy" hosted by Chiqui Roa from 2004 to 2007. This show is under Gerry Geronimo Productions, Inc.
After several years of experience and work teaming up with this production houses I decided to run my own production. I get clients from small events to large events (weddings, promotional events) I also get clients abroad editing there raw footages to make their businesses more effective and noticeable to their respective audiences.



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