StormKat Technologies and Industrial Services

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STIS Sattellite Office, Ground Floor LRT Line 1 EDSA station, Pasay, 1300

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About me

STORMKAT TECHNOLOGIES AND INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, hereinafter known as STIS was established on the 4th of June 2014, to provide QUALITY HVAC services and solutions for INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL and RESIDENTIAL needs.

Established with Highly Skilled, Qualified and Motivated personnel, STIS aims to be the Premier HVAC Service Solutions provider in CALABARZON area.

With strong tie-ups with Engineering Fabrication and Construction Professionals and Firms, STIS will provide cutting edge, reliable and durable solutions, where satisfaction is guaranteed.

My services



Evaporator Cleaning, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Condenser Cleaning, Treatment and Rehabilitation

Refrigerant Charge Calibration

Blower (evaporator/condenser) motor rehabilitation

Blower (evaporator/condenser) motor re-varnishing

General check-up and System Calibration

Adjustment of Metering Device (Thermostatic/Electronic Expansion Valves)


Replacement of Compressor / Heat Pumps

Replacement of Filter/Drier

Replacement of Capacitors, Relays, Breakers and Timers

Replacement of Receiver/Accumulator

Replacement/Repair of (Metering Device) Thermostatic/Electronic Expansion Valves

Replacement/Repair of Solenoid valves Replacement/Repair of Access Valves

Replacement/Repair of Condenser Coil

Replacement/Repair of Evaporator Coil

Replacement/Repair/Rewinding of Condenser Motor

Replacement/Repair/Rewinding of Evaporator Motor

Replacement/Rebuilding of IC Board Controllers and Panels

Rehabilitation of Stand-In Freezer / Chiller

Rehabilitation of Walk-in Freezer / Chiller


Design/Fabrication of Ducting Systems

Design / Fabrication of Brackets and Braces

Design / Fabrication of

Design / Fabrication Panel / Control Boards


Installation Window Type Aircon Systems

Installation / Relocation of Slit-Type Aircon System

Installation / Relocation of Freezers System

Installation / Relocation of Chiller System

Installation / Relocation of Drier

Installation / Relocation of Cooling / Heating Systems

My achievements