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Speech Coach Students Center

Passion in Training!

Do you want Self-Confidence?

Do you want to improve your Speech?

Speech Coach will help you.

1. Help as many people as we can in our specializations

2. Become a multi-million organization

3. Be a great working environment for it's employees

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Professionals/Grad School Students

Aspiring to learn more for your career?

Do you want to end your frustration in speaking and writing English?

This is the best program for you, that you might not find in a regular university or school!

Our Master’s Program 1 is one of the most complete communication training programs for professionals who are seeking to totally develop their speaking and writing skills!

It is a 4-subject program. The student must finish the 4 to receive their certificate of completion.

Here are the Subjects:

English Conversation & Confidence Starter

English Conversation & Confidence Advanced

Presentation Skills Development

Business Writing Workshop

Other Details:

This is a group class. 5 to 12 students.

Class schedules are normally on a Saturday or during the evening.

The student is required to finish the 4 subjects within a year.

There are exams for each subject. Make sure to pass them all!



Do you care about your kid’s future?

Do you want to make sure that they will succeed?

Do you want them to be the best they can be?

These student subjects will help them develop their confidence and communication skills!

Choose the subject that best fits your child!

These are complete communication subjects for them!

All our subject have been rated EXCELLENT by thousands of our clients!



For Elementary

Grade 1

Speech Communication I

Reading I

Grade 2

Speech Communication II

Reading II

Grade 3

Speech Communication III

Reading III

Grade 4

Speech Communication IV

Reading IV

Grade 5

Speech Communication V

Personality Development V

Grade 6

Speech Communication VI

Personality Development VI


For Junior High

Grade 7

Speech Communication 7

Confidence Building 7

Public Speaking 7

Grade 8

Speech Communication 8

Confidence Building 8

Public Speaking 8

Grade 9

Speech Communication 9

Confidence Building 9

Public Speaking 9

Grade 10

Speech Communication 10

Confidence Building 10

Public Speaking 10


For Senior High

Grade 11

Speech Communication 11

Reporting 11

Leadership 11

Grade 12

Speech Communication 12

Reporting 12

Leadership 12


Speech Coach College Curriculum


English Conversation 1

English Conversation 2

Public Speaking

College Reporting 1

College Reporting 2


Job Interview & Resume Writing

Introduction to Presentation Skills

Attitude 101

Confidence 101

For more details please call us at 6541124 or email us at Thank you.

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