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My name is Valerie Pineda, a photographer joyfully capturing your moments for a lifetime of beautiful memories. I am a lifestyle photographer mainly focusing on doing solo and family portraits, events, maternity, new born and toddler shoots. Name it – I can do it! All this, of course, is guided with care, driven with passion and pushed by motivation. They say there is no greater alchemy than picking an ordinary, seemingly insignificant moment and turning it into a snapshot of an eternity. I am here to give and devote my time in capturing your moments to be preserved, to be treasured for a lifetime. As an aspiring lifestyle photographer, I always give my best in all that I do – each photo is always captured with love and beauty captivated by bliss and passion. To me, each beautiful moment is to be cherished for a lifetime. I could hardly recall when my deep interest in photography sprung out but I know for sure it has always been my first love. I’m the type of person who would usually stop and smile to mesmerize and ponder on the beauty of the tiniest things around me and the greatest testimony to that is my fiance who’d even park the car aside to stop and let me do my thing, letting me enjoy being in my element. I am currently doing my apprenticeship with Gail Bitoon of Foreveryday Photography, one of the Philippines’ best and most sought-for wedding photographers. I share with him my love for photos captured on natural light, always sticking to that bright, crisp and vibrant feel that usually captivates people’s hearts. It makes me happy that I am being taught by him, patiently imparting to me what he has learned from the wedding and fashion photographer master, Pat Dy. Like how he was trained, he never puts me in a situation where I would feel bad about myself just because I don’t know as much, instead, he would cultivate me slowly by not giving away so much but letting me learn by experience.
My love for photography started when I was still young. It has always been my passion - it excites me, it calms me, it awakes my happiness from within. I never thought I would pursue it as a business until I was blessed to have a camera of my own. I enjoy doing portraits of people because it gives me a chance to see the deeper story one being holds. Doing portraiture opened a new array of beauty. I get to appreciate the blessings from God that we often don't see, we often pass by and not even notice. Through photography,I am able to see the beauty of one's soul and it makes me believe that there is always hope on every end of a journey and that's what keeps me passionate of what I do.


• Newborn & Child Portraits

• Family Potraits

• Maternity

• Events (Baptism, Kiddie Parties)

• Engagements & Weddings

• Corporate & Commercial

• Lifestyle Photography



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