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Sta Mesa Manila, 1400

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About me

Sherwin's Catering is a Family business that has been operational for about 9 years. They are currently a team of 8 professionals who are trained and well experienced in providing the catering services for any given occassions.

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My services

Catering Services 

Food Packages

Table arrangement

Complete service with servers

Php180 - Php350 Sherwin's Catering Services

Minimum package includes:


2 dishes (pork and veggie/ chicken and veggie)




Includes different dishes: pork, beef, chicken,veggetabe,  fish fillet drinks


My achievements

We are very particular with the services that we provide and we are often invited to supply the meals for some popular TV shows to cater to the staff and celebrities.

We also provided catering services for the recent Cinemalaya for the movie Silong