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Founded in early 2010, Safehouse Storage is the first of its kind to offer comprehensive self storage solutions in the Philippines. Safehouse Storage operates under its umbrella company, CCMC Development Corporation (CCMC), highly regarded in the real estate industry for its warehousing services.
As a pioneering force in the local industry, Safehouse Storage aims to provide more than just storage space; our mission is to offer you self storage solutions that are highly personalized to meet your needs. Unlike other storage services operating in the country, Safehouse Storage does not mix your items with those of other clients. Our tenants have full control over their belongings, and we ensure that your security and privacy are well-protected in our Metro Manila storage facilities.
Our two warehouse for lease in Taguig and Quezon City house a wide range of units in various sizes. We also provide services that complete your storage experience, from trucking and packing your goods, to helping you manage your items efficiently.
If you’re looking for a safe and convenient place to store your property—be it a few pieces of furniture or multiple boxes of confidential business files—don’t just go to any warehouse. At Safehouse Storage, we offer secure, cost-efficient storage solutions tailor-fit to your unique needs, unmatched by any other in the Philippines.
HEAD OFFICE: 4th Floor VFP1 Bldg. Veterans Center Taguig City
QC BRANCH: 1139 Panorama Building, Barangay Veterans Village, Project 7, Edsa Quezon City


TAGUIG BRANCH: +63 0905 189 6770



1. Storage Price
We understand that self storage requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer different unit sizes that are priced accordingly.
2. Packing
Your belongings need to be well-protected to keep them safe during transportation and storage. Our team can help you pack your items with great skill and professionalism.
3. Trucking
Hauling your items is best executed by a trustworthy service. At Safehouse Storage, we make sure that your items are safely transported to and from our storage facilities.
4. Records Management
The key to our success is our willingness to go the extra mile for our tenants. We can help keep track of your stored items so that storage management is a breeze.
5. Insurance
Insure your items now
6. Seat Leasing
Start-up companies operating in their houses should consider these seat leasing options. Not only are they cost-efficient, these seat leasing options do not require expensive start-up and operational costs.


“So far, our over all experience with Safehouse Storage has been good. The staff is approachable and considerate. With regard to our storage and other needs, Safehouse has addressed them efficiently. To sum it all up, I will strongly recommend Safehouse for storage and other logistical needs.”
– Margie P. Alfonso– HR/ADMIN IP E-Games Inc
Recomended stamp
“The staff are accommodating and service oriented. When we had a minor problem with our unit, it was attended to and the corrections were fixed at once. With this, we have already recommended Safehouse to others.”
– Corrie C. Vergel De Dios– Castillo Laman Law Office
Recomended stamp
“It was great to find a storage facility in Manila. Safehouse is just what we were looking for and the staff was very polite and helpful thru the whole process of our move. We used the trucking service from Greenhills to Taguig. The truckers were also very nice. They were early and got right down to business. The whole process went like clockwork! Safehouse was also returning our calls and emails right away. We highly recommend Safehouse Storage Units and Trucking services to anyone in need.”
— Thomas O’DonnellRecomended stamp
“I used Safehouse Storage for my storage needs. They were great to work with. Staff was extremely easy to work with and the communications was prompt and accurate. They also helped me arrange movers and they were on time and professional. Staff went out of his way to help me out and make process smooth.”
— Andrew Latimer
Client List

2. World Vision Foundation Inc.
3. First Metro Asset Management.
4. First Metro Brokerage
5. Nickel Asia
6. All nippon Airways
7. Jardine Distribution
8. Nyk tdg ebusiness corp.
9. Qatar Airways
10. Castillo Laman Law Office
11. Fox International Channel
12. SWS ( Social Weather Station)
13. Tupperware Philippines Inc.
14. PLDT Global Phils.
15. SunLife Financial
16. Singapore Tourism Board
17. Pimentel and Puno law Office
18. RDL Pharmaceuticals Lab, Inc.
19. Picazzo Buyco Tan Fider & 20. Santos Law Firm
21. Buffalos wings and Things
22. Corporation
23. KMC MAG Solutions Inc.
24. Epic Global Ventures
25. Major Homes
26. Sweetlink inc.
27. Temps and Staffers Inc.
28. Film Development
29. Pgh Pcu
30. Unicapital
31. Above the Skye
32. Gramono Properties and
33. Development Corporation
34. PetroEnergy Resources
35. Corporation
36. E-Horizon Philippines Inc.
37. All Medica Global Corporation
38. Ax Communication Philippines
39. Manila TAT Inc.
40. HangTuff Fitness Corp.
41. Nikken Phils.Inc.
42. Sales Rain BPO Inc.
43. WVC Development Corp.
44. Ingram Micro Inc.
45. Starborne International Promotions &
46. Manpower Corp.
48. VCP Trading Inc.
49. Design Initiative Phils.
50. Salmat Sevices Inc.
51. Multico Property Management.
52. Rti International
53. Sakura Media Sky Corp
54. China Thread Company LTD.
55. Alstom Philippines Inc.
56. The 4th Wall Theater Co.
57. Most High Intertrade Corp.



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