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RVG Cleaning Services
started in August 2013 as home-based cleaning services business in Philippines.
It offers very personalized, friendly, fast, quality cleaning management and services to homeowners, condominium, shop and offices, vacation house, lot owners and vacated properties that need maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.
Every family’s home is unique and so are their cleaning and maintenance needs. That’s why we are doing our best tailoring our staffs to our customer’s needs and lifestyle.
You tell us what you want and we will do our very best to meet yours.
RVG Cleaning Services treats your home with all the individual attention and gives you the peace of mind that your home is in good hands. We always educate our people everyday to be reliable, honest, respectful and do their jobs excellently. We are committed to deliver top-notch cleaning quality and customer service.



Here at RVG cleaning, we understand how vital cleanliness is, especially in places where there’s a lot of people traffic, such as in offices and condominiums. Each entry and exit brings a host of viruses, bacteria, dirt and trash. If you need your business premises cleaned regularly, let us know so we could work out a schedule. Don’t worry because we will help you choose a cleaning schedule that is both convenient and affordable. Our team of reliable cleaning experts will take care of your housekeeping needs so that you will have more time to focus on your business’ core competencies.
Why hire us for professional commercial cleaning services
We understand that commercial establishments need to maintain a certain image. A lot of potential customers and clients could get turned off if an establishment is shabby. This is especially important in vacation homes and hotels where homes always have to be presentable and relaxing. When it comes to commercial cleaning, having someone else take care of the “dirty business” means that a huge burden would be lifted off the management’s concerns. There would be no-need to train in-house staff. The business can just focus on core competencies. Professional commercial cleaning services can get a bit tricky though. However, our team is dedicated to getting the job done and is equipped with ample training and equipment. We understand that certain areas may require a different kind of cleaning treatment. We understand the different cleaning requirements for certain commercial establishments. And each need is fulfilled to fit the standards and provide customer satisfaction. At RVG cleaning, we make sure that after the cleaning is done, you are assured that your business premises would look, smell and feel clean.
What We Can Do For You
RVG Cleaning provides various cleaning services for large and small business offices and establishments, retail stores, schools, clinics and other businesses. Each area is properly cleaned- swept and disinfected. Commercial cleaning services include sweeping and mopping of floors, including floor corners that often harbor dust and dirt. Tile and linoleum floors are mopped, removing footprints, mud and dirt tracks, spills and stains.  Walls are wiped, which can also have stains and splashes from time to time. Windows are washed clean and wiped dry, especially the establishment’s front windows. Dust on the blinds is wiped off. Staff rooms and company kitchens are cleaned. Countertops, tables and chairs are wiped clean. Dust underneath tables and chairs are removed. Couches and side tables in waiting and receiving areas are dusted and straightened. Dust on plants and other decorations are also wiped off. Picture frames, framed business permits and other business credentials are wiped, polished and straightened up. Trash are collected and removed. Bathrooms are also cleaned. Toilets and sinks are disinfected. Mirrors are wiped and polished to a good shine. Because a professional team is dedicated to cleaning offices and establishment in the best and most thorough way possible, even the vents and air-conditioning system is cleaned. The vents are dusted and wiped clean to make the establishment’s air cleaner.
Contact Us
We understand how vital quality cleaning management if for your business. Let our cleaning experts lend you a hand so you would have more time to focus on your business. Send us an email at homecareserve@gmail.com or contact us at our landline (02) 263-9995 and 0927-888-2059.


The truth is, homes need deep cleaning every once in a while, even the ones that have been well-maintained. Dust and cobwebs can accumulate in places that are not often reached by regular cleaning. This is why we it is recommended that homes undergo deep cleaning to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt. This is especially important for health reasons, such as in families with members that are quite sensitive to dust. We at RVG Cleaning understand how important it is for you to keep your home clean, and we can offer the cleaning services that you need to make that possible.
Who We Are
We have started as a home-based cleaning service in 2013, offering customized quality cleaning residential and commercial services. Our reliable, respectful and honest cleaning team is also known for friendly and efficient cleaning services that are personalized according to our customer’s lifestyle. We value your time so we make sure to complete the task as efficiently as possible.
Why Choose RVG Cleaning
Not everyone has the time and energy to perform deep cleaning for their homes. What makes it especially exhausting is the need to move heavy furniture and appliances. We at RVG cleaning are here to make life easier for you. You do not have to waste so much time performing deep cleaning. We can do it for you so you will have more time to do the things you love – and time to spend with those you love.
We are fully equipped with the tools needed in order to reach nooks and crannies that are typically difficult to access. Our team of cleaning professionals also has had ample training when it comes to using tools and cleaning supplies to ensure that your home would be maintained properly.
What To Expect From Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning usually starts with the kitchen. Deep cleaning the kitchen includes cleaning all cabinets, shelves and other stock areas. Range hoods, oven doors, and dishwashers are cleaned inside and out. Food debris, burnt food, grease and food stains are removed from the range and the hood, inside the oven and on oven doors. Water and soap stains are removed from dishwashers. All kitchen appliances are thoroughly cleaned and shined. Food spills and stains inside refrigerators are wiped. Countertops (tile, granite or marble) are cleaned and shined.
The floors are swept and mopped with extra attention. Stains and stuck dirt are brushed and removed. Ovens, refrigerators and other large kitchen appliances are moved to sweep all dirt and remove dust behind and underneath them. Wastebaskets, especially those used for food wastes are washed and sanitized. These areas can harbor bacteria form spoiled leftovers.
Bathrooms also need deep cleaning. Toilets are scrubbed, especially around the rim to remove accumulated dirt and water stains. Bathtubs and sinks are scrubbed with extra attention to remove stains and to bring back the shine. Walls and floors are scrubbed to remove any molds and mildew. Air vents and fans are wiped clean to remove dust and dirt.
All the other rooms in the house are also deep cleaned, such as the bedroom and living room. Ceiling fans, lampshades, lighting fixtures are cleaned. The entire is ceiling is wiped, as it can also accumulate dust. Dust is removed from underneath furniture, couches, tables and chairs. Memorabilia such as trophies, medals and plaques are also dusted and polished. Doorframes, walls and light switches are spot cleaned. Picture frames, art frames and other decorations are dusted. Leaves of houseplants are also wiped to remove dust and give the leaves a good shine.






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