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I am the President of Workshop One and Nine Yards, advertising agencies that have been in the business of helping our clients grow their businesses for the last 18 and 4 years, respectively.
I got into professional photography quite by accident, if you can call it that. My point and shoot camera just suddenly quit working during a vacation. So I borrowed a DSLR from my brother. After a few clicks, I saw how manual mode shooting could take my photos to the next level. That's when my love photography started. Since then, I decided I wanted to be the one make those great photos.
As you've probably heard, the advertising industry that does not compromise when it comes to professionalism and quality. Thus, when you hire me, you don't just get a professional photographer who gives great quality outputs, but also inputs on how your products can shine in your marketing materials. It's like a 3-in-1 package. So call me. Let's make get those customers heads and eyes turning to your products.


Taking a photo is more than just having a camera, and clicking it. It's about capturing that emotion you are after, doing justice to the food prepared by your chef, making your product shine as it should, and immortalizing that priceless moment in your event. And I am here to do just that for you.  So call me and let's create great photos that will work for you.


More than 18 years in the Advertising Industry
Handled many different accounts: banks, softdrinks, food, insurance, real estate, petroleum, entertainment products, call centers, and a lot more
2010 to Present - Panelist at the Ad Standards Council (Regulatory Body of the Advertising Industry)
Chairman (2013) & Vice President (2012) - Ad Standards Council
Director (2013), President (2012), and Vice President (2011) - Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines



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