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Kingwood is a brand dedicated to provide quality wood products to a variety of clientele from general contractors to homeowners. 
We are a manufacturing company based in Taytay, Rizal that creates custom-made wood products based on client's specification, picture, or drawing. We can work on different types of material such as solid wood, mdf, laminates, plywood, plyboard, etc. For solid wood, we use standard kiln-dried local wood, and are flexible with what client wants.   
We do installation and delivery, but delivery charges are shouldered by buyer unless quantity is significant. Engraving also included for free if logo is provided (PDF and Adobe Illustrator file format preferred).
You can visit our facebook page: for pictures of our products.


We can create any
wood product, except for flooring, using solid wood, any melamine substrate, mdf, plywood, marine plywood, plyboard, particle board, etc.  

We highly recommend to custom-made your kitchen cabinetry, wardrobe closet, toilet & bath cabinets (under sink or hanging cabinet), bed frames, and console tables. These furniture will last for a lifetime so make the most out of it by having them fit to your unique needs. :)

Example wood products: 
1.) Doors, Sliding Doors, & Door Jambs
2.) Modular Cabinets 
3.) Console Tables 
4.) Chair Frames/Skeleton (Wooden Chair)
5.) Chair w/ Upholstery
4.) Sofa Frames/Skeletons 
5.) Sofa w/ Upholstery 
6.) Bed Frame (Double Decker included)
7.) Bed w/ Mattress and Fabric 
8.) Dining tables and chairs 
9.) Staircase & Bannisters 
10.) Mouldings 
11.) Baseboards
12.) Panels
13.) Wineboxes
14.) Storage boxes
15.) Signages
16.) Children's Toys 
17.) Chopping Boards
18.) Cooking utensils 
19.) Trophy Bases/Stands 
20.) Eisel 
21.) Etc. 


We have manufactured and sold various wood products from small to large quantities locally and internationally. 
We have exported to countries such as United States, Guam, and Japan. 
We have also been a wood sub-contractor to local general contractors.
We have also made wood products for Department of Education, Diamond Hotel, Bay View Hotel, Cafe Frances, and etc. 



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Carol almost 4 years ago

I booked Kingwood for my walk in closet, shoe closet and laundry closet. While the project was a bit delayed, Kris and his team went out of his way to ensure that installation was fast even doing overtime up to 9pm just to finish the job. Kris was very hands on with everything, from planning to actual installation. You will not regret trusting him. I would book again.

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Richard almost 4 years ago

hi I requested for a display cabinet to be made, the transaction was smooth from the finalization of the design and the lighting and fixtures. very good coordination with Kristoffer. looking forward to booking another project with them. thank you.

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Hannie about 4 years ago

I ordered a shoe cabinet and a display cabinet. I appreciate Kingwood,their work and especially Mr. Kristoffer who always gave me a useful advice for the furniture. I sent some sketches that I drew and Mr. Kris replied with some questions and advice about my sketch. Except for the twice of delay, I was happy with the cabinets they made. Even though there were some minor dents and problems that were found after delivery, they were willing to visit my place and fixed them. Thanks Kris. Sadly this site is not available to attach photos.....

Kingwood replied:

Thank you Hannie for being our customer. I'm sorry for the delay and the minor dent of the furniture was delivered. We had a lot of projects and it was unfortunate that a minor dent incurred when the furniture was in transit. Definitely, we'll do our best to make our operations efficient and to put more accident-proof protection on our furniture in transit. Your feedback is invaluable and helpful and we'll use them to continue improving our business for the satisfaction of our customers. I'm happy that you liked the look of the furniture, our workmanship, and pieces of advice. Regards!

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