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Before we cleaned our bed to get rid of dust mites, we spent sleepless nights due to the discomfort we experienced.  I tried to check the internet to find out how to get rid of dust mites like applying baking soda to our bed then use our vacuum machine.  It did not work, it just clogged the filter in our machine.  Until we decided to get a professional company to get rid of dust mites, at first I can not accept the professional fee the provider quoted us.  Since we have been deprived of our sleep for about a week, we have no choice but to get a professional to handle the work.  I am glad we did.

                                                                                                                 - Deo Mawis, Owner 

We kill bed bugs and get rid of dust mites! We clean mattresses, carpets, furnitures, cars and the like.

We use the most advanced vacuum cleaner in the world specifically designed for pet owners and allergic reactions.
- no vacuum bags
- water-based filtration
- 100% cleaning efficiency
- double protection with HEPA filter
- air purification
- odor elimination
- allergy reduction 


Carpet Cleaning
Highrise Cleaning
House Cleaning
Moving In & Out / After Renovation / Thorough Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
In providing these services we use our vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust mites and bed bugs. We also purify your rooms to get rid of bad odors in your room from unwanted odors.  As a result, we are able to reduce cause of allergies and eliminate bad odor.


Residence in Fairview (cleaned mattress from water damage)
Condo Unit in Malate, Manila ( to get rid of pee smell and stain from pets 
Condo Unit in Serendra, BGC ( to get rid of dust mites that is the cause of allergy)
Innova in St. Ignatius (we got rid of the smell in their car where others failed)
residence in 4th Estate, Sucat
condo unit in Eastwood (cleaned sofa from bad smell and removed stains)
a condo unit in the The Fort
cleaned a condo in Cityland Square
residence in Antipolo City
various vehicles (got rid of dust, stains and smell)



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Upholstery Cleaning
House Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning - Office
Thorough Cleaning
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