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My services

Ref Aircon @ YOUR Services Accept Commercial & Residential Job or Repair / Preventive Maintenance ,Cleaning,Installation and Charging Freon@ Cheap Price but Quality Services. You are Welcome to visit our Office Shop located in # 8 Don Aducto St.Dona Carmen Subd.Commonwealth,Quezon City. Thank you very much.

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Ratings & reviews

  • "I did answer this survey yet so I can observe first if workibg properly na ba tlga yung ref ko. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks eh sira po ulit ref ko. Nagbayad pa ako ng 1500 pero nakita ko parang di naman bago yung pinalitang piyesa. "

    byBelle Deniega -26 Apr 2017Refrigerator Repair inMakati
  • "They did a good job cleaning our split type aircons. Our aircons are definitely performing better than before. However, I hope they improve with their appointment setting. Their good service will get overshadowed by them not being able to set and come on time. We were expecting them for a morning slot of 9-12nn (time we indicated in the gawin form) ... however upon inquiring directly with them on the day itself, they informed us they will be arriving at around 4pm. They finally arrived at 6pm due to a problem at another clients. They handled our calls politely and courteously. They were apologetic and really tried to make things up to us which we appreciated."

    byNicole Vargas -25 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Split Type - 2 units) inBalong Bato, San Juan
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you po sa good Rating nyo mam Nicole at pag unawa sa Naging Sitwasyon ng mga technician..

  • byRemy Gan -22 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 3-4 units) inNovaliches Proper
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you po Ma'am Remy Gan sa 5 Star Rating..

  • "Legit cleaning service. "

    byRamphy Selda -15 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 1 unit) inCommonwealth
  • "The technicians are experienced and efficient. "

    byEdith T. Villano -11 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 1 unit) inQuezon City
  • byJason Juanillo -10 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Split Type - 2 units) inDeparo, Caloocan
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank You Sir sa 5 Star Rating Mo...

  • "Thank you for the very affordable and quality service. Up until next time. :)"

    byJan David M. Ramos -08 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 1 unit) inQuezon City
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you also Sir David for your 5 Star Rating with our Cleaning Service.

  • "I was greatly amazed by the fast and reliable services they do with my 2 window type aircons. They had it cleaned very well and fix the malfunctioning in one of the 2 aircons. The other 1 is already very old window type around 14 years old. Im very happy and pleased that i will be sleeping coolingly with nice freshly clean ones. Thank u so much Mr. Acosta and staff for the help. Well done po. More power!"

    byRowena Superal -07 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 2 units) inVeterans Village
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you po ma'am Rowena for your Excelent Observation with our job..Also Thanks for The 5 Star Rating that you Give..

  • "hi, yeah, its good it's better now.. thanks Zetty "

    byZetty -06 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 1 unit) inQuezon City
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you po sa 5 Star Rating...

  • "He is very respectful of my time and updates me when he got delayed. His delay was because of the previous client's requests. He is also able to follow me up on the appointment and quite organized. I made a mistake of putting in the request that it's a .5 HP aircon, instead of a 1 HP. He would've rescheduled but he said he thinks he can still push through with it. Just decided to help him carry the unit out, since it was my fault. No biggie. He cleaned up after. He deals straightforward. Walang sabit, kumbaga."

    byRae Casas -04 Apr 2017Aircon Cleaning (Window Type - 1 unit) inTeachers Village West
    REF Aircon at YOUR Service

    Thank you po ma'am Rea Casas sa Excelent comment mo sa pag service ko ng Aircon mo..Thank you also sa 5 Star Rating mo..