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RCPJR Marketing & Industrial Services is an Air conditioning Service Provider. We Supply, Install, Repair and Maintain (General Cleaning) of Air conditioning units.


Installation of Air conditioning system of various types: Window Type, Split Type, Package Type, Centralized & Precision Equipments.
Repair of various Air conditioning Equipments.
Maintenance (PMS) of various Air conditioning Equipments.
Fabrication/ Installation of AC Exhaust Ducts, Louvers & Diffusers. 
Genset Installation. 
Genset PMS.
Genset Enclosures for Sound Proofing. 
Fabrication & Installation of Fuel Storage Tank.
Metal Cladding & Kitchenhoods.


Our Notable Clients:
1. OB Montessori Center
2. TeleTech
3. Toyota Commonwealth, Inc.
4. Power Systems, Inc.
5. MZE Pawnshops & Gadgets shops
6. ZMS Salon
7. Bank One
8. Davids Salon
9. Phil. Instruments Corp.
10. Xian Electric Company
11. Pink House Salon
12. Kent International Trading
13. Voltage Electrical



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Aircon Repair
Aircon Cleaning (Window Type)
Aircon Cleaning (Split type)
Aircon Cleaning - Office
Aircon Installation for Floor / Ceiling Mounted
+10 more

Ratings & reviews

53 ratings

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Aldrich over 2 years ago

great work!

User avatar default
Yan Choi over 2 years ago

Very satisfied they have exceeded expectation. Integrity is one of their values which made me shift to their services

User avatar default
Jon Noche over 2 years ago

Very efficient.... They know what to do. They did their work fast....

User avatar default
Christian Valleser over 2 years ago

Cane on time, good technicians, good attitude, fixed my issue, gave a very good price. They even gave me tips on how to do my own maintenance. Definitely recommended.

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