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• PRC Logistics is one of the leading cold chain warehouse and Logistics provider in the Philippines

PRC Logistics Solutions

Enough are the days of complications. Simplicity in logistic operations creates faster and cost effective movement.

Our passion to deliver makes us exceed in our services. We believe in short lead times, fast deliveries and safe cargo handling to ensure the quality of our service.

PRC thrives on one culture that drive a nationwide work force of highly skilled and dedicated people built around our thrust of quality service.

Thus, our dedication in this business makes us the trusted partner of big companies with huge transfers requirements, tight deadlines, fast turnover and cost efficient movement.

We own the fleet, and we take good care of them so it takes good care of your cargo.
Being an archipelago, the Philippines considers the transport industry as a vital component in achieving socioeconomic progress.

Built in 2007. PRC has the proven track record by major companies in the Philippines with stringent quality needs. Cargo movement is our specialty catering to the needs of Food Giant Jollibee group of companies, Aboitiz Transport System – 2GO. and the United Nations- World Food Program.

We are an Award Winning freight service provider that delivers cost efficient cargo movements. Moreover, we provide the most cost effective solutions in cargo movement operations -And deliver on tight schedules round the clock. PRC owns every fleet, and we take good care of them so it takes good care of your cargo.

We stand for fast and cost efficient movement to fuel the growth of every Filipino company
OUR MISSION. The mission of PRC is to establish efficient movement of goods throughout the archipelago through fleet modernization, competitiveness, and value-for-money pricing to fuel the growth of every Filipino company.

OUR PRIDE. PRC’s pride rests on its young-high efficient fleet of trucks, and professional movement specialists that analyzes and directs up-to-date logistics strategies.

OUR RELATIONSHIP. The Company believes that it is important to have a close relationship to its clients to be able to understand its needs and help them grow their business especially when products needed to be transported to continue the partner’s business operations and reach business goals.

OUR OPERATION. Through each point of our operations, we always see to it that we provide efficient, reliable, and prompt transport service. As such, it has received several awards in the freight industry,
and ultimately the trust of each of our clients.

OUR VALUES. Conditions continually change. So does methods in getting things done in our industry that makes us flexible. But our Values are steady. These values are Honesty, Integity, Commitment with our promises. And you can rely on them.
Quality Service Guaranteed. Your Cargo, Our Pasion.

From production area to anywhere in the country - PRC is an integrated movement solutions provider. We operate warehousing systems designed to each of our client’s specification, combined with our own fleet of trucks of different size, tonnages, and kinds to suite your every need.
Cost-Efficient Pricing that Give you Better Bottom-lines.
Every business depends on freight cost no matter what they sell. Thus, we understand how cost factor affects every business. In this age of tight deadlines, fast and efficient turnover demands and ultimately lower operating expenditures –PRC is your partner in lowering cost to increase your Income. With PRC, we work with every client to create cost efficient movement of cargos, from production area to warehouse to any point of destination. Our group of experienced operations team has the expertise in movements no matter what the cargo is. This is our specialty and we excel on it. Therefore no matter what you are selling- PRC is your company’s partner for growth in the long haul.
Commitment to Quality Service,Integrated Solutions,Network Control, & Passion to Deliver
PRC fuels the growth of our nation’s business through fast and cost efficient movement of goods at the least possible time. PRC believes in reducing cost through transforming Single Hub Network Systems to Multiple Hub Network given the nature of the Philippine Archipelago. The advantage is the speed of transportation and fast turnover without additional cost. We have different hubs in Manila, Laguna, Naga, Cebu, Iloilo and Panay Island strategically located to service high consumption areas.

PRC Logistics Solutions
PRC thrives on a culture that drives a nationwide work force of highly - skilled and dedicated people built around our thrust of
quality of service.
Meet Our Company
Jetti Gas, Holy Spirit DriveBrgy. Holy Spirit, Commonwelath Quezon City
Phone: 376 - 9576
For Inquiries Please Contact
Mr. Don Jordan Padilla
M: 0922-8447577


Services Overview


Any of our Cargoes are Insured up to Php 4 million in value. Thus, gives you peace of mind whenever we transfer.


We study our customers operations and we constantly improve on them to keep them.


With a platform of Information systems, we push real time shipping data and track deliveries.


Working with the Biggest Companies in the Philippines, You can be assured of our Expertise in our Field.


Logistics and warehouse provider for Jollibee, Chowking, Mang Inasal, RedRibbon, kuyaj, Selecta, Kenny Rogers, Shakeys, Family Mart.

Jollibee Foods Corporation
A fast-food restaurant chain based in the Philippines. It is an American-style fast-food restaurant with Filip...

2GO Group, Inc
Our new business identity integrates all of 2GO. We are...

Chowking is the biggest and best tast...

San Miguel Corporation

Red Ribbon Bakeshop



Aboitiz Transport System

UN-World Food Programme.



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