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In 1997, PC Planet Corporation (formerly known as Quadpro Inc.) was founded to provide computer products and its accessories to the growing computer market in the Philippines. PC Planet is a subsidiary of Control Computers Enterprises, which has made its name known throughout its fifteen years in the industry, by being a primary supplier of several large corporations in the country. In line with the vision of Control Computers, Quadpro was established to cover the fast growing needs of the industry.
PC Planet Corporation has been providing computer hardware supply and I.T. related services for more than 18 years to a wide range of commercial businesses from different industries across the nation.

PC Planet offers a wide range of computer hardware / software parts and accessories ranging from managed scalable servers, networking and storage solutions, to personal workstations and multimedia entertainment. Our commitment is to make these products available to you and provide the most professional and efficient account management throughout our business relationship. We also understand the demands of growing your business that is why we have coupled these products with a unique set of services extending from flexible payment terms to on-site after sales services. (Contact us to Inquire)
Throughout our years of experience, we have created reputable partnerships and relationships with major distributors and manufacturers that enable us to present to the corporate world a complete and diverse scope of brands and products.

Your satisfaction is our objective. That is why we are constantly adding and enhancing ways on how to give you the most value for your money. We also know the demands of today's cutthroat competition and so we want to offer you the right tools to make your overall business implementation easy and rewarding.


Hardware & Software Provider
We offer a wide array of hardware / software parts and services ranging from managed scalable servers, networking and storage solutions, workstations and multimedia entertainment.
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On-Site Troubleshooting
Preventive Maintenance
I.T. Solutions
Transport & Set up Services
Web Development
Card Printing
We provide E-business solutions that are tailor fitted to your needs. We understand that each business has its unique needs and limitations. Our group of I.T. professionals has over 15 years experience spent in the I.T. industry both local and international (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, U.S, UK, Brazil, and Japan). We have designed systems from small scale POS Systems to CASA Banking Systems, and Enterprise Business Systems. Our team has an extensive experience in the development and deployment of I.T. application systems, including general management, business development, operation management, total quality management, and school management. The back-end division consists of expert developers utilizing the latest tools and high-end hardware resources.

Capitalization is a common problem for both newly opened and growing businesses, which is why we offer rentals and long term leases for your I.T. needs. This is also good for short-term projects such as: training, events, and product demos. These products can also be coupled by on-site technicians insuring that your project / event will start and end the way you intended, problem and stress free.

Maximize the life of your computer investments and have them maintained. Most problems and destructions can be prevented with the right usage and preventive measures. Let us handle the job of keeping your equipment always clean and in top shape for it to function the way it was designed to perform.

In addition to our free delivery services, we also offer setting up and providing transportation services for your I.T. equipment. If you have any plans of relocating your business or if you simply want to have something set-up by experts because you are worried of your equipment’s safety, let us do that job for you. For new offices, we also offer structured network cabling, PABX systems and installation of office dividers and office furniture.

Given today's work situations and traffic conditions, it would be costly and a great hassle to bring your computer to a service center. We offer on-site service/s from home residences to business offices. We can schedule the right specialist equipped with the right tools to fix your concern/s. More good news is that, if your computer was purchased from us and is still covered by our warranty, we give this service FREE of charge.

The accessibility of information has been revolutionized by the launching of the World Wide Web. Your company's presence has now become a necessity to be available on line. Do not let your company fall behind. Grow your clients and enhance your company image by having a website! We offer very special web development package/s which is unmatched in the market in affordability, functionality and design. You can be sure that your collaboration with our designers will be a fun and exciting experience. Pls Click here for for more info.

About Us
Address: 1029 Severino Reyes St. Sta. Cruz Manila
Telephone No: ( 63 2) 4951242, 4950724, and 4950308
Fax No: (63 2) 4951242, 4950308, 4950724 LOC 301
Microsoft Support Center - +6328590505


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