Pao Hernandez Music Tutor

Pao Hernandez Music Tutor

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  • Carl Paolo Hernandez
  • 203 int. 2 padre diego cera ave., Brgy. E. Aldana, Las Piñas, 1743

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About me

I teach beginners who wants to learn how to play musical instruments and to hone their hand-eye


My services

I require students to have rudimentary music books for learning.

i teach Saturdays and Sundays

My achievements

Las Piñas Boys' Choir member - 2003 -2011

Las Piñas Men's Choir member -2011 - present

Abelardo Ensemble -2014 - present

Banda San Jose member - 2005 - 2013

Assisting artist of the Las Pinas Boys

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