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16 Felipe Pike St. Bagong Ilog, Pasig, 1600

About me



Creativity lies in every individual, it is up to us on how we express it.

Pancho explored different areas of creativity. He started with crayons as a kid, with guitar on his teenage years, and a dance floor as a young adult.

He continued to dig in the creative world and got exposed to interesting communities. Eventually, he found himself passionate about capturing moments. From being on the spotlight of a dance floor, he established himself as a person keeping precious moments last.

Today, more than keeping moments alive in still photos and running clips; he uses his skills to help people’s dreams and imaginations come true.

From staged performances, creative photo shoots, birthday treats, event documentation, product shots, artistic clips, personal videos, profile pictures, paparazzi clicks, and more; Pancho makes it happen!

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My services

Photo and Video service

Artistic photo / video outputs of whatever and whichever you like. Please allow me to capture your memories, creativities, treasures and more.

My achievements