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OL ALMERINO AIRCONDITIONING SERVICES is one of companies offering diverse solutions to its customer. We are air-conditioning & refrigeration technicians by professions. We are happy to serve our customers with their residential units or project based A/C systems.

Office address is located at 177 Lot 6, Dahlia Street, Pembo, Makati City. Business commence its operation last 2017 of June with DTI Certificate No. 04807671.
Though we are new in the industry, we employs 5 multi-skilled technical people who have 20-years in experienced in building maintenance which deals mainly on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. Our Lead Technician is an experienced Air-con technician for almost 24 years handling different kind of air-conditioning jobs.

We specialize in high quality design, system selection, aircon trouble shoot and installation works; from a wide product range of Air-conditioning Brands we offer solutions in Wall Mounted, Window Type, Package Type and Concealed Ductable Air-conditioners.Service & maintenance is our specialty. We offer special preventive maintenance scheme & also undertake repairs and cleaning.

Nothing is more important to us than to provide the best for our customers. We believe that there isn’t an air conditioning company in the land that can beat us in terms of customer service. Our after-sales service is beyond compare and we believed that this is the very reason why our repeat business is high. Though, impressive as our list might appear, it may give you the impression that we are very expensive! Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of these contracts are, more often than not, won against other competitive quotation.

We welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you and your company.


OL Almeirno Airconditioning Services caters
Unit cleaning
New Installations
Freon Recharging
Service Maintenance
Duct Works
Parts supply and replacement

We entertain all concerns in any type of aircon:
Package Type (PACU Aircon System)
Window Type
Split Type (Ceiling suspended, wall mounted, floor mounted)
Ceiling cassette Fan Coil Unit (FCU)
VRF Aircon


Have serviced Packaged Type Air-Conditioning (PACU) on condenser & fins cleaning, freon recharging, parts replacement in areas of in most residential and office buildings in Makati.



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Aircon Repair
Aircon Cleaning - Office
Aircon Cleaning (Split type)
Aircon Cleaning (Window Type)
Aircon Installation for Floor / Ceiling Mounted
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