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Royal Events serves as a event planner or coordination services that provides a quality and worry free event at a very low cost

If your are looking for a team to help you organize and coordinate your event Royal Events is the one your looking for because we offer a quality and hassle free event yet affordable.

Mobile Number:  09467498336


Meet with the bride and groom for contract signing.
Require the client to turn overall contracts signed by them to the coordinator for review.
Confer and confirm with the client and the suppliers on the details of the arrangement.
Instruct all the attendants of their duties for the ceremony and reception.
Provide advice to the client on wedding etiquette, customs/traditions, and latest wedding trends.
Check on the bride and the entourage and coordinate on last details.
Check on the wedding gown, and all bridal items and accessories.
Check on suppliers: hair and make-up stylist; photographer and videographer; florist.
Gather everything needed for the reception: gifts and favors; wines.
Gather flowers for the principal sponsors and entourage, and bring them to the church/ceremony venue.
Collect the misalette, veil, cord, matches, unity candle (if applicable), and bring to church/ceremony venue.
Check ceremony venue set-up.
Seating arrangement of entourage /sponsors/parents.
Bridal couple’s pews and chairs/ chairs and pews of parents and principal sponsors.
Seating arrangement of musicians.
Set-up of matrimonial candles and unity candle (if applicable).
Coordinate with church assistant –in-charge/ church coordinators or ceremony venue manager on the layout.
Check the arrival of and coordinate with musicians and singers.
Check the delivery of flowers and set-up of the flower decoration.
Check the arrival of the priest or minister.
Check the arrival of, brief and coordinate with, the commentator/ lector/ readers and offerers.
Distribution of corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres to the entourage.
Distribution of misalette or wedding program.
Instruct ushers on seating plans of sponsors: principal \ secondary \other bridal entourage.
Check veil\cord\matches\candles\offertory items\ring & arras pillows.
Assist church/ ceremony coordinator-in-charge in organizing the processional line-up.
Collect candles \ ring \ arras\ arras pillows\ marriage license after ceremony.
Check on the venue or any items endorsed to the coordinator or her staff that may be left behind.
Check room set-up\ positioning of tables \ stage layout and general layout of the area.
Arrange gift table & gifts.
Set-up guest book table or signature frame easel.
Check layout of special linens and chairs, and assist in their set-up.
Set-up seating and place cards, esp. on the presidential table.
Check table numbers and chairs counts.
Check delivery of cake and set-up of cake display table.
Check delivery of flowers & decoration set-up.
Check delivery of souvenirs and giveaways.
Confer and coordinate with maitre d’ or captain waiter & banquet sales representative.
Check arrival of :
Mobile or Sounds and Lights Systems
Check audio-visual presentation equipment (if there will be one)
Confer and coordinate with photographers & videographers regarding bridal photo sessions.
Make sure that there is a responsible person guarding the gifts at the gifts table.
Arrange the reception line-up of the party.
Handle the registration/reception of guests: informing them of table/seating assignments.
Assist and assign person responsible for the gifts in numbering and noting down each gift received.
Line-up bridal party for the entrance and announcement (if specified in the program).
Assist the host/emcee in the following:
Cue best man, fathers of the couple, etc. for the toasting.
Cue bride and groom for cake cutting.
Cue bride for bouquet throw.
Cue bride and groom for garter throw.
Cue and assist attendants for distribution of souvenirs and giveaways.
Assist attendants in obtaining guest’s signature in the guest book.
Maintain timing of each event for smooth flow of the program in coordination with host/emcee.
Handling left-over food, distribution of wedding cake and other items as requested by the client.
Assist in packing up of all gift items used in church and at the reception, and endorsing them to the authorized person.




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