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It was first established in August 1993 as NIKKON ELECTRICAL PHILS. by a group of highly skilled Filipino engineers and technical personnel who were passionate in providing a very reliable service in various field of engineering, including instrumentation, mechanical installation, design, installation and commissioning of high voltage power sub-station and facilities, transmission and distribution system, preventive maintenance, testing and repair services for high and low voltage sub-station facilities, load centers and transmission and distribution systems.
Due to the advent of modern technology and by reason of extensive market demands and trends in power, energy, construction, and several industries, NIKKON has expanded its services and supplies to sustain the influx. Thus, it has partnered with FGC BUILDERS, a company engaged in construction business to meet these demands in the market place.
As it has evolved through the years, it is now known as…
It has diversified its business and further enhancing its specialized field to meet the requirements of various industries and sectors. Henceforth, it is becoming an industry partner in building the future through its innovative system and passionate approach of the services being provided.
Since its establishment, the firm has maintained its independence from any association of contractors or suppliers. This policy has established for the organization its willingness to accept total project responsibility as it is able to perform and render the desired services and assignment within the programmed schedule and budget requirements which have always met the client’s expectation.
The firm has not confined its professional services to the Philippine domestic scene and has expanded to other countries like the Japan, Taiwan, Korea and so on.
In any undertaking, NIKKONTECH management is committed to the philosophy that construction and other allied engineering services should always be consistent with the requirements of the clients, carried out through an established methodology and complemented by the professional expertise of its assigned personnel and innovative systems and technology.
Execution of its project is effected through a systematized management control and coordination. As a standard procedure, each project is headed by a project manager or senior staff selected on his qualification, expertise, competence and experience, and whose responsibility is to ensure full coordination on the assignment of personnel to perform individually on specialized tasks in achieving the demands and requirements of clients.
From its inception until today, NIKKONTECH has continuously provided major industries in the Philippines, consultancy, advisory, project implementation and review services, pre-investments or feasibility studies, construction management, testing and commissioning management and other technical or special studies. These special studies would include data collection, engineering surveys, technical supervision, economic evaluation, environmental quantification of construction cost, project segmentation, preparation of bidding documents, and construction schedule and project reporting.


►General Contractor
►Civil Works
►Architectural Works
►Mechanical Works
►Electrical Works
►Plumbing Works
►Design & Planning
►Steel fabrication & installation
►Project Management
►Facilities Management

Electrical lay-out and installation • Process, instrumentation and control system such as temperature, flow pressure, level and other process variables • Design, installation and commissioning of high voltage power sub-station and facilities, transmission and distribution system • Predictive & Preventive maintenance, testing and repair services for high and low voltage sub- station, facilities, load centers using different testing instruments and equipment conducting THERMAL INFRA-RED SCANNING • Motor control centers (MCC) • Circuit breaker panel boards • Low and high voltage switches • Cable tray and wire ways • Power capacitors and control system • Transformer oil insulation analysis • Ultra-sonic detection test • Partial Discharge-SGS • Switchgear Partial Discharge Spot Testing. 


Should it become essential or desired by the client, the firm enters into several agreements effecting exchanges of technological expertise and systems. Among the international consultants it has associated with are:
 Katahira & Engineers Co., Ltd.
 Japan Overseas Consultants Co,. Ltd. Japan
 Nippon Engineering Consultants Co,. Ltd. Japan
 BCEOM Societe Francaise D’Ingeniere, France
 STV/Lyon Associates, Inc. U.S.A
 Beca Worley International Corporation, Auckland, New Zealand
 Chiyoda Engineering, Laurie & Davies (VLD), N.S.W Australia
 R.R Nathan & Associates, U.S.A
Sanyu Consultants, Inc,. Nagoya Japan
 Electrowatt Engineering Services Ltd. Zurich, Switzerland
 Motor Columbu, Inc. Baden, Switzerland
 Boyle Engineering Corporation, U.S.A
 TAMS Consultant, Inc. U.S.A
 Sheladia Associates, Inc. U.S.A
 Dames and Moore, U.S.A


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