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MFI Home Maintenance Services

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(One of the pioneer service providers here in
Do you want your aircon cleaned, repaired or installed? Let our aircon technicians do the hard work for you!
Mister Fixit has a team of friendly, helpful and professional technicians, who are well trained in all aspects of air conditioning maintenance and installation. Since 2015, we have performed over 500 services for residential and commercial.


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Routine maintenance is an important part of any air conditioning system. At Mister Fixit, we pride ourselves that we can assist you in maintaining your air conditioning units. We specialize in Window and Split System Air Conditioning (Wall & Floor mounted) for both Domestic and Commercial establishments.
You're in good hands with us! We provide Cleaning, Repair, and Installation
• Window AC
• Split AC (Wall mounted)
• Split AC (Floor mounted or Tower)

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Price is within right range. Quality of work is excellent. Technicians are well equipped and very professional.



by Kareen mañago - Aircon Cleaning Window Type 1 Unit - over 2 years ago

Very thorough in cleaning and courteous.



by Niña Narciso - - over 2 years ago

Price is a Little Bit high; Service is quite good; professionally polite; Quality of work remains to be seen since repair complied is still under observation, but for the 5 hrs. past, So-Far-So-Good.


by AMANDO L. CONCEPCION, JR. - - over 2 years ago

I am very satisfied. The price is very reasonable for the amount of work. Excellent service repair and the repairers are very courteous.



by Ann dela Cruz - - over 2 years ago

Hello, Ms. Ann! :) Thank you very much for choosing us. We value you as our customer. Please don't hesitate to call us again after 6 months for your routine general cleaning. :) - Mister Fixit

by MFI Home Maintenance Services - 29 Apr 2017

Very polite and prompt. Surely will recommend and request for the same service in the future.


by Eva Maru - - over 2 years ago

Technicians were knowledgeable and patiently answered all my questions. They also gave tips on how to care for my A/C unit. They also cleaned up the bathroom after washing and cleaning the unit inside.



by Anne Kathleen Jarillas - - over 2 years ago

Hello, Ms. Anne! Thank you very much! :) See you again after 6 months. :)

by MFI Home Maintenance Services - 22 Apr 2017

Almost excellent, quality of work, reasonable price, professional: 4-stars indeed. But for promise of work start; was informed early on that technicians would arrive between 8-9am. But whoever made that promise must have forgotten the Mandaluyong prdinance on riding in tandem, so that one technician arrived an hour later before the work started. I had to adjust my schedule to accommodate late finish of work.


by Amado Bugayong - - over 2 years ago

Hello, Sir Amado! Thank you very much! Our apologies for the delay. Next time we will make sure our customer service reps are aware of the city ordinance in Mandaluyong for riders. :) See you again after 6 months. :)

by MFI Home Maintenance Services - 22 Apr 2017

On time as advised. Seems reliable on their assessment. Thank you.



by Aurea Andal - - over 2 years ago

Thank you, Ms. Aurea! :) Please don't hesitate to call or message us anytime you encounter a problem or for cleaning. :) - Mister Fixit

by MFI Home Maintenance Services - 19 Apr 2017

I love that my A/Cs are running like new again! Thumbs up!


by Donna Escobar Nacpil - - over 2 years ago

Thank you very much, Ms. Donna! :) See you again after 6 months for the routine cleaning and maintenance. - Mister Fixit

by MFI Home Maintenance Services - 18 Apr 2017

they are on time, im satisfied with the cleaning of the aircons


by Sophia Guevara - - over 2 years ago