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About me

MEVBUILT inc. was established in 2010 as a construction company specializing in structural works such as: foundation, trusses and steelworks. The company's expertise is focused in building shallow foundation works. Over the years the competent team behind MEVBUILT accumulated skills, experience and solutions to undertake more complex projects. 

We are committed to bringing the highest quality service for our clients. Our experience and knowledge is exceptionally aimed at structural steel fabrication. Our top-quality and robust equipments would make any steel fabrication needs a posibility.Especially pre fabricated warehouse construction. 

My services

Design & Build

We offer unique and innovative perspective solutions. Our team offers facility designs that optimize quality, timeliness and cost effectiveness. Afterwards we plan and turn these designs with the owner's needs into a reality. 

Repair Renovate

We manage all efforts in the design and construction of new structures. renovation and repair projects and infrastructure development.

Other Services

  1. Jeepney/Chassis fabrication
  2. ELF Chassis fabrication
  3. Safety Ladders
  4. Safety Structures
  5. Platforms
  6. Tanks
  7. Handrails
  8. Frames
  9. Canopies
  10. Structural steelworks
  11. Racks
  12. Steel Formworks
  13. Warehouse Construction
  14. Commercial Construction

My achievements

  1. Monocrete Construction Philippines Inc. 
    2000 sqm Warehouse for Parex group : Installation of structural roof framing
    Taguig City
  2. Monocrete Construction Philippines Inc.
    Fabrication and installation of Steel Overhead Web Beams
    Taguig City
  3. Brotzeit Glorietta 
    Project management of fit-out works for restaurant
    Makati City
  4. KLCO
    Kambal Pandesal fit-out : Design and construction works
    Cubao, Quezon City
  5. Chinese Chamber of Commerce 
    Remembrance monument for Chinese Massacre : Design and Construction works
    San Pablo, Laguna
  6. Benito Pascual
    Concreting of floor : Design and Construction works
    Cabuyao, Lagun
  7. Belle Uy
    Steel Canopy and Grills : Design and Construction works
    Quezon City
  8. KLCO
    Interior fitout renovation of two commercial unit : Design and Construction works
    Cubao, Quezon City
  9. Monocrete Construction Philippines, Inc.
    Parex Fire exit Steel Ladder : Design and Construction works
    Taguig City
  10. Asuki Construction
    Truck Scale installation : Excavation and Concreting works 
    Pagbilao, Quezon
  11. Asuki Construction
    Truck Scale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
  12. Heavenswealth inc. 
    Steel Gate fencing : Design and Construction Works
    Valenzuela City
  13. Amos Lim
    Warehouse for american tobacco corp : Structural Design Only
  14. Asuki Construction
    Truckscale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
  15. Asuki Construction
    Truckscale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
  16. Asuki Construction
    Truckscale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
  17. Asuki Construction
    Truckscale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
  18. Asuki Construction
    Truckscale installation : Excavation and Concreting works
    Real Steel 
  19. KLCO
    Retrofitting of old commercial building using structural steel : Design and Construction Works 
    Cubao, Quezon City
  20. Quantium Advertising 
    Construction of steel billboard with foundation
    Guadalupe, Makati
  21. Quantium Advertising
    Construction of wall mounted steel billboard
    Guadalupe, Makati
  22. Benito Pascual
    Container Van Warehouse for scrap use : Design and Construction works
    Cabuyao, Laguna
  23. Vista City
    Gateway lettering : Design and structural works only 
  24. Monocrete Construction Philippines, Inc. 
    Table formworks technology : Supply of labor, consumables, & offsite area for fabrication needs.
    Fabrication area: San Pablo City, Laguna
  25. KLCO
    Coin-op Laundry shop : Design and Construction Works
    Cubao, Quezon City
  26. Tropicana Food Products inc. 
    2 HA. Industrial renovation and warehouse development : Supply of labor for construction and improvements. 
    San Pablo City, Laguna 
  27. Hidden Valley Springs Resort
    Viewing Deck Project : Design and Construction works 
    Alaminos, Laguna 
  28. St. Luke's BGC
    Clinic Extension : Structural steelworks only (Offsite fabrication) 
    Fabrication site : San Pablo City, Laguna
    Installation site : Taguig BGC 
  29. Gumi Asia PH                            
    PEZA office fit-out works : Design, Permit processing, brokerage, and construction works 
    24th Floor One corporate Center, Pasig City
  30. Fisher Cafe 
    Pop-up Cafe for Fisher Mall : Design, and construction works
    Fisher Mall