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MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

We offer the most affordable and negotiable expert handymen and maintainance services available in Metro Manila

We offer same day service

Available 24 hours 7 days a week

Fast response and reliable plumbers and electricians on standby for your electrical and plumbing needs to any point of metro manila 

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My services

MB Plumbing & Electrical Services

Anywhere in METRO MANILA

For More Info call us @:

DL- ( 02 ) 927-68-90 or 579-58-46

Cellphone- 0936-1000-793 (Touch Mobile)

0943-0269-004 (Sun Cellular)

0943-0270-008 (Sun Cellular)

-Service Offered-

De-clogging of Kitchensink







Siphoning of Septictank

Excavation/Construction of












PPR Waterline


Submersible Pump

-Other Services-

Electrical trouble shoot

Circuit breaker

Panel board

Switch and convenient outlet

Meter based service entrance


other services

installment of Fireprotection systems




My achievements

Krazy Garlic Greenhills Branch

7-eleven Eastwood Branch

Ministop Guadalupe Branch

Robinsons Malate

Belaire makati

North Olympus Zabarte

Alas Pares Ermita 

Ratings & reviews

  • "Hitch-free and reliable"

    byCristina -29 Mar 2016Renovation inSan Antonio
  • "Price - too high! Asked for 1,600 to clean 1 window type aircon and drill a tv wall mount. Quality - all he did was to spray water (using my bidet) and pour my dish washing liquid soup into the ac unit. Left my wash room very dirty. TV wall mount was too high and not centered. Also left the area with so much dust from the drill, cables were not neatly fixed. Professionalism - 2 guys came to do the work, the older one was nicer. The younger one was complaining a lot. Doubt it as well if he was really a qualified electrician. They also did not issue an OR. 1 star for being available to reschedule on a Sunday because their motor vehicle broke down Saturday which was the original appointment."

    byTess -29 Feb 2016Painting inPoblacion
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    Good evening Mam Tess, I'm really so sorry you feel that way but that was not what my employees reported to me,the original agreement was just site visitation for scope of work on the painting job that you have booked with us,(as indicated above) and i believed that all your complaints was from the side job that you asked them to do,they were painters yet you asked them to bring a drill , get your cables fixed and replace your light-bulbs, clean your AC, of course they would do what you asked because they have families and they would also like to paid,i believe they were very much attentive to all your needs yet you complain about they're work? i'm really sorry if you feel that way but i believe that you should not be giving us the following were there all the time,step by step,you could have said no and sent them home,we were not asking for any charge, i can't believe that you are complaining..your'e asking for a painting job yet you want them to be electricians?

  • "Good work and the solution to the leak problem was fast. My only comment is- very expensive services. Thank you. "

    byEMIL ESPLANA -25 Jan 2016Plumbing Repair inPineda
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you very much for the feedback sir emil.

  • byIris Velasco -19 Jan 2016Plumbing Repair inManila
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you very much Ma'am Iris :)

  • "I liked their prompt response despite the job being so close to Christmas. The guy was very thorough and looked at all angles and even though the final problem was a simple blockage, we discussed other ways of improving the plumbing. Very happy with the service. "

    byJoey Zaballero -26 Dec 2015Plumbing Repair in26 Florencia Stree, SFDM
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you for the feeback Sir Joey..Happy holiank days..and feel free to contact us again with matters concerning the job order..thank you again..

  • "Inexperienced, did not solve the problem and charged 800 for the time. Should not be hired by anyone."

    byclare -04 Dec 2015Plumbing Repair inUgong Norte
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    Were sorry Ms.Claire that you feel that way, I have personally spoken to my staff regarding this problem. our plumber has done the best he can to find the best solution regarding the job order even staying until 9pm, to all our custumers yes we did charge 800 for the time because we still provided manual labor.. we would like to apologize to ms. clare if in anyway she feels violated or conned. rest assure that we are creating systems that would be our standard rates that is reasonable both for our plumbers and specially our future customers. thank you for the review ms clare.

  • "Speedy response and repair. Faucet's holding up so far. "

    byGina Pineda -22 Nov 2015Plumbing Repair inproject 8
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you for the review Ms. Gina. feel free to contact us in case there's any problem with the faucet, your entitled to a one month warranty.

  • "Very efficient and not over-priced. "

    byCristine Rojas -22 Nov 2015Plumbing Repair inKapitolyo
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you very much for your review Ms Cristine,we will ensure consistency on delivering reasonable prices and long lasting solutions on our future clients.

  • "they are prompt. but official receipts must be given."

    bylani agbayani -01 Nov 2015Plumbing Repair inCommonwealth
    MB Plumbing and Electrical Services

    thank you very much for your suggestion ms lani, we'll be having our official receipts this coming months