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  • 48A Gen Capinpin st. Brgy San Antonio Pasig City, Pasig, 1605
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Our mission is to provide high-quality service through our attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Why choose Clean Queens? ​We’re Reliable: Each Clean Queens staff has gone through training to ensure you receive the highest level of service. We’re Thorough: We clean your entire home every time we visit and we give designated areas extra attention to ensure a thorough cleaning every time. We bring our own equipment and cleaning supplies. We’re Affordable: We offer top-quality cleaning at an affordable price. ​

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We offer top-quality service at an offordable price. Each Clean Queens staff has gone through training to ensure you'll receive the highest level of service. My achievements.

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Reviews & Rating

They did a good job and were able to come to us even on short notice!


by Kimberly Sing - Sofa & Mattress Cleaning - 4 months ago

Very pleasant cleaners and thorough


by Renz Santos - House Cleaning - 8 months ago

I looked for a thorough cleaning service for my house and they met my expectations. Thank you


by Abigail Manabat - Thorough Cleaning - 8 months ago

Very well done! They came on time and my carpets are (finally) clean again! Like new!



by Rachel Leelin - Carpet Cleaning - 8 months ago

There is a missing item after the cleaning service.


by Nicolai Navarro - House Cleaning - 9 months ago

Good morning Ma’am! We talked to the cleaners concerned and they told us that before they left the unit, they requested the person-in-charge to check their belongings before leaving the unit.

by Clean Queens - 9 Feb 2019

Your staff was punctual, polite and nice. :) I would give higher rating but i was turned off when the cleaners was still halfway done with my place told me that they were only hired for 2 hours, there will be additional fee, its like I am forced to extend them. There is no sense to put all the details, like the size/area of the space and the details to be done if they will not review it. The supplier should know if the work can be done in the said time and would give a quote with the additional amount. Its just right to advise client the if the work needed will exceed the allowed time.


by Phoebe Teodoro - House Cleaning - 10 months ago

Our schedule was 8:30am. The cleaners arrived by 10:30am. Weve been calling all the numbers that they gave to us f4om 9am to 10:20am but its just ringing. We texted them too but no reply. We just received a text message around 11:30 am they asked if the cleaners were already at the house. We replied to them and asked why the cleaners were late and we tried to call them to ask if they will still send cleaners. They just answered "mam kanina pa po umalis yung cleaners" and they did not answer the phone because the phone is inside the bag.. we also asked the cleaners why are they late, they just said "malayo kasi". Well if our house is far they have to adjust because they accepted & confirmed with our reqursted time. For the price i can give them a rate of good. For the quality of work: unsatisfactory because i can say that its not very clean. For the professionalism & realiable: poor


by claire - House Cleaning - 11 months ago

We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. As discussed, pls send us your preferred date and time for your free cleaning. Thank you.

by Clean Queens - 26 Dec 2018

They were on-time and very thorough with their cleaning. They also cleaned before they left. One minor thing was that they didnt disclose the additional charges on the quote. But overall, they were Easy to deal with, will get them again for our future cleaning needs



by Patricia - Upholstery Cleaning - almost 2 years ago

Nice Job! Keep it up! Thank you for your good service.



by Angeli Reyes - Aircon Repair - almost 2 years ago

Thank you Ms. Angeli for giving us a perfect rating and for taking the time to write a review about us. We are glad that you like our service. 😊

by Clean Queens - 17 Nov 2017

Cleaners did a good job. Thank you!



by CARLO - House Cleaning - about 2 years ago

Thank you for giving us a perfect rating and taking the time to write a review about us. We are so glad that you are happy with our service. 😊

by Clean Queens - 23 Sep 2017