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20th avenue, boni serrano, Quezon City, 0860

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About me

We have been in the cleaning service for 10 years and has been the pioneer in this field. We are able to do general cleaning, iron and laundry party help, and after party clean up. Our services are perfect for condo living. No need to keep a full time maid, when you actually just need them part time. Just get in touch with us 2 days in advance. Open Mondays to Sundays.

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My services

We charge the cheapest cleaning service, at P400 for a minimum of 3 hours, plus transportation depending on the exact location. 

My achievements

Ratings & reviews

  • byHoney Vego -22 Feb 20171 Session With Cleaning Tools inQuezon City
  • "Not much help. "

    byBonnie Yu -19 Feb 2017House Cleaning inQuezon City
  • "Maid for a day was efficient in cleaning the whole house. I must say her attention to detail was quite commendable. 4 stars because she missed cleaning one of the bathrooms, and she was quite grumpy when she arrived--nonetheless, she did a good job."

    byEllen Bernardo -13 Feb 2017House Cleaning inQuezon City
  • "Got quick confirmation on my request despite late notice. Very responsive and accommodating of requests. I really appreciate that cleaners are available even beyond 6pm as especially for working professionals this is the only time (aside from weekends) that we can spare. Sonia the cleaner was polite, efficient and thorough. Thanks again and til the next booking! "

    byFaith Reyes -13 Feb 20171 Session Without Cleaning Tools inCubao
  • "I was quoted P1400 for cleaning and equipment. But the person who came only brought with her one pack of detergent, Zonrox, two pieces of rag and one old t-shirt. She also had a vacuum cleaner with her, but she did not use it, because she said it was heavy. I was thinking that equipment meant all the contraptions - broom, mop, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner. I already have a broom, mop, dustpan and rags. So I feel that I was slightly shortchanged for being charged with equipment (vacuum cleaner) that was not used. My broom, mop and rags were used, so why the extra over the supposedly charge of P800 which was what I saw on the website and it became P1400 with equipment. The cleaner was in uniform when she arrived but changed into her own clothes while cleaning. She also did not smell good. And she had bad breath. I think that since this is supposed to be a prime cleaner, the cleaner should be clean and sanitary in her own person. On the positive side, she worked fast and listened to my instructions on how to remove the stains in the bathroom tiles, expecially at the grouted edges. I use baking soda and vinegar for these hard to remove stains. I wish to avail of the services regularly so I want to be clarified on these concerns: 1) If equipment is not included how much would I be charged? 2) How many hours is included in the P800 and how many cleaners? 3) Will the cleaner be clean and smell good? That's about it. CELIA M. STA. ANA New Manila, QC"

    byCelia Sta Ana -06 Feb 20171 Session With Cleaning Tools inNew Manila
  • "The service was great, she was on time, she was very through and well organized. Also the price was just right for the service"

    byNeal Andrew Lim -03 Feb 20171 Session Without Cleaning Tools inMalate, Manila
  • "Poor service. She did only the most basic of cleaning and was not even meticulous about it. She was haphazard in returning our stuff back after she cleaned an area, she covered only the exposed areas and left out those that needed the most cleaning. I felt it was not worth the price I paid but then she asked me for a tip on top of the agreed price. I would not hire again. "

    byCes de Leon-Baculi -22 Jan 20171 Session Without Cleaning Tools inBambang, Taguig
  • "Generally, okay. But, she did not scrub the bathroom sink, toilet, & walls. She didn't also remove the cobwebs at my bedroom & walls not cleaned as well. Same in the kitchen. Also, she didn't consult me when she put on the garbage some of my supplies."

    byJong -08 Jan 20171 Session Without Cleaning Tools inQuezon City
  • "i only gave her a 3 because she was not able to clean all the shelves in the house specifically inside the bathroom and printer shelves. But i have to commend her for fixing the shoes inside the shoe cabinet."

    bycamille ocampo -07 Jan 20171 Session Without Cleaning Tools inQuezon City
  • "She was very thorough in her cleaning, but also very slow. It took her nearly 6 hours to clean my place, which increased the cost quite a bit. Came on time and overall did a good job."

    byGregory Dunham -10 Dec 2016House Cleaning inPoblacion, Makati