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Gracielle Lopez over 3 years ago

They were both nice. Work was ok.

J over 3 years ago

Would like to comment that she wasn't able to finish the job on time even I advised her that I'll be leaving by 430pm. Considering time of cleaning is 2.5 hours accdg to your policy. She even arrived earlier by schedule, thank you for that, still job was not done. Plus, it wasn't 'that' clean. I used to have my unit cleaned but due to attitude problem, I decided to get someone else. Furnitures were still dusty. She even asked me, "Lilinisin ko pa po ba yan?" I was really disappointed by then, curious on why she would ask such a question. When clearly it was stated on their services. Mirrors still have trail from when it was wept. Still, I paid her in full. I told them about this but didn't felt like they would like to make it up to me.

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Hi, thanks for the report on the cleaner's work & attitude, rest assure we will check on this matter. We apologize for this happening.

Anthony Hindmarsh over 3 years ago

I was contacted by this service provider after posting an ad on GAWIN which I have been using with excellent results since moving to Manila from Hong Kong several months ago. I selected this company for the reviews and sent an SMS outlining my needs and expectations. The first reply I received was a long list with the title NOT INCLUDED. No thank you for contacting us, no personal message, nothing........ I then asked what was included and was sent a SCOPE OF WORK and told to reply APPROVED with my address to proceed. I replied saying that I dont need dry wall and ceiling cleaning cleaning but would appreciate help with simple rearranging of my closets (ie folding clothes) I was sent a curt reply to say "arranging of closet" not included. This company is completely not flexible with a complete disregard to the individual needs of the customer. Not one of my requests were entertained, I felt it was their way or nothing at all. I am shocked and dumbfounded by the customer service of this company. I run two companies in Hong Kong and our customer needs are paramount to the success of the business. Not even in Europe where workers are bound by union laws of what can and cannot be done have I encountered such a poor customer service experience. I am not even sure why they bother being in the service industry.

Sara Cua over 3 years ago

Cleaner was friendly and approachable and i believe she did quality work when she cleaned the bathroom of my condo unit (even cleaned the ceiling!) thank you so much, will definitely rebook you guys again :)

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Thanks for the appreciation. Happy to serve you again.

Zoe Mendiola over 3 years ago

Professional, quick and efficient service ?

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Thank you .. happy to serve you again

Mary Joy Golez over 3 years ago

The price is commensurate to their work. They have completed what they needed to do as per my expectation.

elsa cortez almost 4 years ago

Im happy with their performance, the price is reasonable & I want to hire them again next time

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Thank you for the appreciation

GIe Aycardo almost 4 years ago

Their price was very affordable that's why hired them. Although I was expecting that they will washing the walls but it was only dusting. It took the cleaner 4 hours to finish the 1 bedroom unit. The cleaner was good and polite.

Blanca Jose almost 4 years ago

Easy communication with the company. They sent very polite and efficient girls and my place was cleaned thoroughly, especially my bathroom. A special shoutout to one of the girls (forgot her name!) who was able to remove the stubborn dirt in my shower. Found the price very reasonable, and a good deal. I will book them again. Thanks Lady G

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Thank you Ms.Jose!

Kim almost 4 years ago

easy to coordinate. response was quick. cleaners were polite, thorough and professional. my place was very clean when they finished and i was amazed how shiny my faucets are now! although they exceeded a little bit than the committed time, it's ok because i am satisfied with the results. definitely worth what i paid for. thank you and lady g!

Lady G Quick Cleaners replied:

Thank you, Ms. Kim!

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