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L. A. C. Pest Control Services

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  • Leah A. Cole
  • Unit 1209 12th Flr. One Beatriz Tower #4 Lauan St. Duyan Duyan 3 Quezon City, Quezon City, 1102
  • 403-570-860-000

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About me

Our Company

L. A. C. Pest Control Services is the leader in the pest control industry that delivers the best pest control service and provides peace of mind to our community by protecting and preserving health and property through state-of-the-art professional services for our residential, commercial, and industrial clients, while creating a safe, family oriented work experience for our team of professionals.
What We Do

When you have a pest problem or want to protect your home or business from unwanted guests, we will be there to help identify the root of your problem and implement a solution made expressly for your need. Avail of our free inspection and let our senior technicians look at what’s bugging you. Let your problem be ours to solve .
Our Commitment

Our company offers you the best service in the market because we have you in mind. We make sure that the pest problem you have will no longer be your problem. We will deal with your problem and we'll make it ours.
We assure you that L. A. C. Pest Control Services will handle any pest control worries you have as our own.
Our Performance

L.A.C Pest Control Services offer homeowners and businesses a full complement of pest control inspection and treatment service options, termite control inspection and treatment service options. Also, we only use environmentally products for all pest control solutions.
Our Reliability

L.A.C Pest Control is a leader in the pest control industry. Locally owned and operated, we have been serving cities homeowners , businesses and residential. We stand behind the pest control services with “ Protecting your properties, taking care of the environment!”
Our Experience

Our pest control inspection team, technicians/ exterminators are trained and knowledgeable in all facets of pest and termite control. In addition, our continuing education program insures you are getting well-informed.

My services

General Pest Control

• Control of cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects

 Insecticidal Spraying

Spraying in places and areas where insects congregate, crawl and hide like through cracks and crevices.
Spraying using compressed air sprayer in controlling crawling insect and other pests on both interior and exterior area of the plant.
 Gel Baiting

Conducting gel baiting on areas were conventional spraying is not applicable
Gel baiting on all suspected hiding and breeding ground of insects.
• Control of Flying Insects


Misting is one of the effective methods in controlling flying insect.
Use of contact sprays dispensed as very fine mist (misting) or dispensed as thermal fogging will be used to control flying insects from indoor and outdoor of the facility.
Misting inside the premises where flying insect are present and trapped when they gain access inside the building.
• Control of mice and rodents

Conducting quality inspection for as many rodent signs as possible such as fecal pellets, tracks, gnawing damage, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, rodent sounds and rodent odors.  
Environmental sanitation and removal of harborages (e.g. weedy area, garbage and unkempt storeroom) would be helpful in reducing potential rodent infestations. In buildings, offices and houses, infestations may not exist if pest have no access to food. Elimination of food refuse and good management of foodstuff would lessen food sources for rodents  
Termite Control

• Baiting

Bait stations will be installed outside, along perimeter wall and at strategic locations where mice and rodents look for food, roam around, congregate and take shelter.
Baits for mice and rodents will be provided if it is needed. Cage traps, glue board, and other mechanical devices may be installed to make the rodent treatment more effective.

Installation of Chemical Barrier

Installation of sticky traps inside the building to control rodent once they
enter the facility. 

My achievements

Commercial/ Business Establishments

• Alwin’s Tapsihan- Paranaque City

• Sparks Sports Bar- Malate Metro Manila

• Bondi & Bourke Restaurant- Makati City

• John Calub Training Inc.- Ortigas Pasig City

• Skintrends Cubao Branch

• Skintrends Eastwood Branch

• Skintrends SM FairviewBranch

• Lyoness Philippines- Makati City

• UFM Club, Inc- Ortigas Pasig City

• GA 1 Tower Condominium- Mandaluyong City (under bidding)

• GA 2 Tower Condominium- Mandaluyong City (under bidding)


• Union Square Condominium- Cubao Quezon City (4 units treated)

• Asian Mansion 1 Condominium- Makati City (2 units treated)

• Victoria Station 1 Condominium- EDSA Kamuning (1 unit treated)

• Cambridge Condominium- Cainta Rizal (1 unit treated) 

Reviews & Rating

Service is FAIR - they did not issue official receipt Final Amount indicated is PHP 501 WITH PROMO 499 OFF but they asked PHP 1000.00


by Arnel Peru - General Pest Control - 8 months ago

Price is reasonable, quality of work is good and very reliable.


by Cynthia - General Pest Control - 11 months ago

Good job and thorough pest control done



by Jhunalyn Yabut - General Pest Control - 11 months ago

I really like how polite the people I talked to with this pest control service. Sir Kenneth was great in doing his job as well. My only concern is that, maybe some ants are immune to the chemical ? For some reason, it did not eradicate completely the ants in the apartment. From time to time, the small ones appear but not as much as before. Also, it may also had something to do with missing one spot in the kitchen. That part in the cabinet got missed due to the spices placed in there. Perhaps, could be my fault for not insisting on having that cleared out. Much has been said, I'm still considering to book them again and hoping for a pest-free house again.


by Kim Rafael - General Pest Control - 12 months ago

The service was good, they were able complete the requirement


by Pradip Roy - General Pest Control - about 1 year ago

Personnel were very accommodating and they do great Jobs.



by Mary Nathalie Garbin - General Pest Control - over 1 year ago

I am making this review now because our scheduled time was supposed to be at 10am. I expected them to arrive on time. I texted them 10 mins before 10am only to be informed to wait until 10:30 am. It’s past 10:30 am and no reply yet from them of their location. Quite disappointing in terms of their commitment with the schedule, it’s unacceptable to wait for more than 30mins. I texted you to cancel the job because of this. Hopefully next time, they will come on time.


by Mega Shawi - General Pest Control - over 1 year ago

Nice team and thorough pest control



by Yan Cho1 - Pest Control Ants Cockroaches Rats Mosquitoes For 150 200sqm - over 1 year ago

Thanks a lot.

by L. A. C. Pest Control Services - 20 Feb 2018

They came on short notice, they were on time, did a great job. I would recommend them.



by Selina Thomas - General Pest Control - over 1 year ago

Thank you very much ma’am. We aim to improve our service and we are happy that you are satisfied with the service.

by L. A. C. Pest Control Services - 19 Feb 2018

Very thorough and explained everything to me clearly! Thank you for today’s great service.



by Siena Galvez - General Pest Control - over 1 year ago

Thank you Ma’am.

by L. A. C. Pest Control Services - 22 Jan 2018