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IDr. Lea Eljean Gatpandan, Interior Designer
Interior Design and construction is her key strengths and also holds a faculty position in Mapua Institute of Technoology & De Lasalle College of St. Benilde. She is also a design consultant and Interior Designer for Edward Tan Architects.
KL Design Studio is a starting design studio offering Comprehensive Interior Design Service. From concept to construction, we provide detailed and sensitive approach to reflect your personality and lifestyle into your own space.

We believe that each space we work on is an environment that shapes our daily lives thus the focus on function and efficiency of every square inch of space.
KL Design Studio caters to all kinds of environment and spaces, be it your home, your office, a restaurant, a cafe, a shop, offices and even institutional spaces. Its a road to endless possibilities when it comes to designing and detailing. We provide solutions and recommendation to suit your needs, comfort and lifestyle.
The architectural elements of any space sets the backdrop for our design, and we take into consideration every detail of every square inch of scale. We work around the structure, study it and let it envelope our design to provide you with efficient space planning and detailing.
Specifications and detail drawings are our main tool for designing. We present in depth detailed construction plans & drawings to the owner & contractor. 3D model & perspectives are also developed and presented to better convey our concept and rattionale. Materials and methodology is addressed with high interest.


Full Interior Design Professional Service
3d Rendering
Interior Styling
Event Styling
Interior Design Consultation & Purchasing
Renovation Projects ( Design Only)
Furniture Design


Projects Handled:
Wanakasa Private Vacation House
Waanakasa Book Publication
Ong Vacation House
Lee Vacation House
Tan Residence
Mendoza Penthouse
Santol Events Hall
Southlake Rivergrove Clubhouse
Southlake Riverbend Clubhouse
Apolaki Island Development
Apolaki Sales Office
Citta di Mare, Cebu
Chua Residence
Wong Residence
Campos Residence
Soriano Residence
Limpe Residence
Soliman Residence
Maeda Residence
Megawide Construction Corporation Headquarters
IRMO The Curve
Maxx Hotel
Great Western Hotel
The Hive Residences
BLC Lifestyle Center
Panglao Island Development
La Nobleza Terrazas Residences
Hoover Residences
Oceanway Residences Showroom & Model Unit
TwinLakes Vineyard Residences
Megaworld Italy Marketing Office
Global – Estate Resorts Inc Marketing Office
Bayshore Residences
Wyeth Singapore
Toy Kingdom Megamall
Kristine Jewelry
Ty Residence
Jardiolin Residence
Lao Residence



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