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About me

KeyStrings is formed out of Ms. Liza's idea of teaching in a group setting. Although individual lessons are on demand, Ms. Liza aims to pursue group learning especially for beginners.

It all started when someone read Ms. Liza's blog regarding her experiences in playing the violin. Through that blog, she was able to get two students in a group setting. She was able to formulate lesson plans that would be effective for Adult Beginners. Although the method is still being developed, we can say that Ms. Liza is an experienced music teacher. She started teaching at the age of 16 years old. As young as she is, she didn't let anyone look down on her because of her age. Instead, she set an example by lesson planning and continuous development of her teaching methods. She taught in Lyric Piano and Organ Corp., Hope Christian High School (under PMC-ZPMI Department) and currently teaching in a school that uses School of Tomorrow curriculum.

Through her experience, KeyStrings is being developed along with her good friends, Jm Besana and former KeyStrings student, Carl Ureta as the official team. The team is formed out of a group effort so that KeyStrings will achieved its goals and full potential. We personally believe that "a cord of three strands is not quickly broken." We believe that success will come to people who are slowly, but surely building up it's capacity for aiming excellent education.

On the other hand, Sir JM Besana is a Bachelor of Music major in Music Education with concentration on Piano graduate at Philippine Women's University (2007). He had been the keyboardist of famous artists like Acel Bisa-Van Ommen, SANI FILIP, Noelle Cassandra, and other artists as sessionist. Currently, he is with QUEST as a part of PORTABLE SOUNDS (Quest's official band). KeyStrings is very proud to have Sir JM in the team.

We assure QUALITY MUSIC EDUCATION in our services. We can not be able to reach that goal if one is not willing to imbibe our mission and vision.We also assure our students that we teach the things students NEED to know.


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My services

- To help musicians, aspiring musicians, and music teachers develop their craft through teamwork, generosity and love

- To provide quality Music Education

- To help students and musicians LEARN, PLAY and CREATE