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I'm a freelancer who enjoys teaching Math, Science, and basic Chinese. I'm currently a part-time tutor at one of the tutoring houses in the San Juan area for over a year now. Since I have a full-time job on the week days. I graduated top of my class in an engineering degree in De La Salle University. The reason I do tutoring is I plan to be an academe one day. 

Feel free to contact me at 09178971092 for pre-booking questions. (price negotiations, topics, schedules, etc.)

Thank you! 


1. Math Subjects ranging from Elementary to College level Math. It could also be related to engineering.
2. Science subjects ranging from highschool chemistry to highschool to college level phsyics. Also related to engineering sciences (Statics, dynamics of rigid bodies)
3. I've am teaching chinese to elementary and highschool students in the tutoring house where I work part time
4. I could also teach basic programming to those who wish to take computer degrees in college and senior high.


1. Graduated with honors in Engineering.
2. No negative comments in the tutoring house where I do part-time tutoring.
3. I've been told I could make complicated topics easy to understand. 



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Kathrina over 4 years ago

Kevin is very professional and competent. He treats our son like an equal. He sees to it that the core concepts of the subject are well established and clearly understood before advancing to the next level, an indicator of his expertise not only in Math but more importantly in teaching. He also gives post-tutorial suggestions on how to further hone the student's skills. Glad we found him.

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Michiko over 4 years ago

Kevin was very nice and accommodating. He helped my daughter understand the lessons well; and my daughter, in turn, felt comfortable with his style. His price was very reasonable. I am definitely hiring him again.

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