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Versoza FamilyJosiah’s upholds the tradition of delivering quality foods and services that are customized to clients’ preferences. We make sure that clients’ expectations are always exceeded, and that we continues to add inspiration to life celebrations, all for God’s greater glory.

Josiah’s Catering has its sights on becoming a truly world-class catering company—the catering company that continuously sets the standards and trends in the Philippine catering industry, as well as the country’s most trusted banquet service provider.

re Values
Josiah's Humble Beginnings
We believe in God, and in doing everything that we commit to in partnership with Him.
We believe in investing in a group of outstanding individuals who are motivated to excel in everything they do, and are instrumental in our company’s consistent quality service.
We believe that competence in service does not mean simply meeting clients’ expectations, but always exceeding them.
We practice integrity by being transparent in all of our transactions with our clients and suppliers, and by honoring our commitment. We are fair, honest and ethical in each transaction we enter.
We dedicate ourselves to advancement, always staying ahead and setting the standards, by keeping up with the latest innovations in the industry.
We accept, with humility, that the need to learn and improve constantly is part of our growth.
We dedicate ourselves to giving back to our community as a way to give thanks for all the blessings we receive from God.
Culinary Team

Expect nothing less from the renowned banquet specialist in the country. With a team of culinary experts, you can be sure that whatever menu you choose for your event will always be sumptuous, prepared only with the choicest ingredients.
With Josiah’s Catering, it is all in the family. The hot kitchen is spearheaded by Executive Corporate Chef Jasper Versoza, who combines his professional culinary training with home-grown mentoring from his own mother, Jet Versoza.
For your sweet tooth, Chef Freshnaida Versoza, a pastry chef in her own right, will bake up a storm for your dessert needs.

The staff of Josiah’s Catering use state-of-the-art equipment in preparing food and beverages. The company kitchen, which is equipped with top-of-the-line facilities that can prepare food for as many as 10,000 guests per day, is comparable to that of a hotel kitchen, with walk-in chillers and freezers for food keeping and large burners for food preparation. There is also a separate cold kitchen for preparing desserts and salads to ensure safety and quality.
Josiah’s Catering follows the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCAP) to ensure sanitation in food preparation and distribution. It has allocated several areas distinct for delivering, receiving, and preparing ingredients. Josiah’s Catering uses imported heating cabinets for food transportation to guarantee freshness upon delivery.


We offer Weddings, Debuts, Wake, Kiddie Party and Adult Party. 


We catered:

Tintin & Julius Babaos' Wedding
Nadine Lustre's 21st Birthday
Rica Peralejo & Jason Magbanuas' Wedding
John Estrada & Pricilla Mereilles' Wedding

Cheska Garcia & Doug Kramers' wedding

Nonito Donaire & Rachel Marcials' wedding

Josiah’s Catering is a member in good standing of the following organizations:
1. The Personnel Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) is a strictly professional, non- stock, non-profit organization with over 1,000 member companies, including individual management executives engaged or interested in human resource management (HRM) and industrial relations (IR) work. Founded over 40 years ago, PMAP has one primary goal: to help advance the profession, the science and the art of human resource management.
2. The Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) is a non-stock, non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of marketing as a profession and as a service. Its activities are primarily directed towards the improvement of methods, techniques, and practices in marketing.
3. The International Caterers Association (ICA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, mentoring, and service to professional caterers, as well as promoting the profession of catering to clients, industry members, vendors and the public.
4. Food Caterers’ Association of the Philippines (FCAP) prides itself on being a professional institution dedicated to the dream of uniting all Philippine caterers in order to drive the industry to even greater heights, both locally and internationally through interchange of ideas and education.
Josiah’s Catering doesn’t just create sumptuous and worry-free banquets for all occasions; it also wants to help create a better future for children, families, and communities in the Philippines. With this in mind, Josiah’s Catering partners with World Vision, and pledges a month’s worth of support to a child in need with every confirmed booking. Through this, Josiah’s Catering is hoping to help alleviate suffering because of poverty, as well as help improve the lives of children in need.



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