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About me

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES’ humble beginning started from the minds of several proficient, committed and goal- oriented men whose vision is to guard homes and business enterprises against termites and other disease- carrying pest by the way of distribution of chemicals and rendering services. The mission is to assure every homes and business enterprises the security they deserve when it comes to pests’ control by giving them the only best the services and quality products.

At present, JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES received its own acknowledgement from the government with registrations and licenses as a legitimate company which has fortitude and disposition to be part of the industry with advanced and principled outlook in carrying out services in line with pest control and such.

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES makes sure that only trained and expert technicians perform the services offered. Hence, services are executed under the strict supervision and management of Certified Pest Applicators (CPA) who have undergone and continuously training and attending seminars so to keep abreast in the latest of pest control needs, to efficiently, effectively and professionally attend and solve the clients concerns and problems. More so, JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES’ Certified Pest Applicators (CPA) have been licensed and in the business for over 13 years.

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES carries a wide range of biodegradable insecticides and termiticides, rodenticides, fogging equipment from the leaders of Urban Pest Control: Bayer Environmental¬, Aventis, Jardine Davies, SYNGENTA , BASF and Dow Agro sciences. The result--- MAXIMUM AND MASSIVE PEST CONTROL.

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES’ termiticides, Dursban, Lentrek, Premise, EXTERRA are market leaders as a result of almost three decades of field testing and market success. JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES is engaged in distribution of these varieties of products.

Thus, JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES would like to offer and extend our mission and vision with you by allowing us to render our services to your homes, enterprises and such. We give our full commitment to our job in line of pest control services.

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES’ basic commitment to our valued customers are to provide reliable, high quality, effective, environmental pest control services through the use of consistently superior products. We are committed to excellence in all sectors of our business. To do so, we use and distribute top of the line chemicals that are consistently safe and eco- friendly.

JMDE PEST CONTROL SERVICES guarantees the outmost sanitation standards that will defense your premises against pests- and your business against losses by Distribution and Application of High Quality Products, getting its sources from the market leaders and makers of insecticides and termiticides which are certified safe by Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA). 

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My services


  • High Thermal Spraying : Immediate knockdown with long residual effect for all kinds
  • Cold Misting : A new method of fumigation, effective way in controlling all kinds of flying insects.
  • Rat Abatement : Covers the control of all species of rodents using new method of trapping and baiting.


- Treatment of all wooden structures inside and outside area. We will be using fine drill-to-drill holes that are not visible to the naked eye and injection of chemicals and putting anti termite powder.


- Soil Poisoning EUPasia method this is done through drilling of floors on the perimeter area and flooding it with chemicals using PREMISE Termiticide which is the best and expensive chemicals that being used today.


- We will establish a chemical barrier around the establishment mainly at the back area and at the front area to prevent soil digging termites from attacking and going back to its home or source. 

My achievements

List of our clients :

Mann Hann

Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital Inc.

Pryce Center

Xeno Pharmaceutical

Cali Burger

Swagat Indian Cuisine

Metro Pointe Center

Brent Group of Companies


Golden Spatula Corp.(SugarHouse)

Oro Oxygen

Pryce Plan

Bubbagump Shrimp Co.

Bora Budget Mart

Chemoil Phil.

8 Cuts Burger

Kitchen Handlers

Great Pines Development Corp.

Wolf & Fox

Country Noodles

Beard Papa’s Philippines


The Annex Management Corp.

Mayfair Tower

Brasserie Cicou

MFC Bistro Foods Corp.

Lemuria Gourmet Restaurant


Global Restaurant Concept, Inc.

Rice in a Box

First Food Foods Services

Va Bene Pasta Deli

Prescon Phils.

Grills & Sizzles

Isla Café

Cities Event


Kitchen Marmalade

Generika Drugstore

Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks

Golden Brazo

Kidney Dialysis

Rm Massage

Amor Bakery

SITC Container Tracking

Montros Property Mgt. Inc.

Brenton Tech


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    JMDE Pest Control Services

    Thank you very much Ma'am Kristine!

  • byhailey villanueva -22 Jun 2016Pest Control Services inPoblacion, Makati