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Light Bearer Building, Gate 2 Karangalan Village, Felix Ave., Cainta, Rizal, 1900

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About me

JLCA Cabling Division is a group who handles in-building and home wiring communication needs for every home and buildings. Our main focus is network wiring installations on new homes and buildings under construction.

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My services

Multimedia network cabling

1) Internet wiring using category 5e cables - This scope of work covers all the LAN wiring on al rooms. Wires are placed inside PVC conduits which are embedded in the conrete pouring during construction house or building structure. This eliminates the eyesore-looking conduits running in the corners of walls and ceiling.

The following works below go with same conduit except for coaxial wires which is using a separate PVC conduits. Separating coaxial wire from cat 5e and telephone prevents radio interference to the Interent signal.

2) Telephone wiring installation

3) Cable TV or coaxial wiring

4) HDMI Cabling for HD video  broadcast

5) CCTV Systems

6) Burglar Alarms

My achievements

Ongoing Projects

1) Four Storey Shool at Regalado Ave. cor. Pearl St., Fairview, Q.C. We are installing LAN wiring for all floors. We are using category 5e cables. Inclusive is a multimedia wiring using HDMI to connect all digital LED display units inside each classroom. The HDMI is intended for the video broadcast within the building using High Definition video format.

2) Two Storey Residencial Unit at Village East, Cainta, Rizal. We are installing coaxial lines, telephone lines and category 5e cables for the Internet connection for each room.