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Hi, I'm Jaimar Fagela, I established myself in other field but still chose to pursue my vision of photography. Inspired and fell in love with weddings, for me, photography is not a profession, it is how I voice out my thoughts and passion.
I always seek for unconventional composition styles but keeping the natural aspect and feel of the image, JFagela Photography is dignified with creative imagination and stunning results to meet your high expectations. Our approach to wedding photography is discreet, photojournalistic style.
Inspired by the working styles of several well known international Photographers like Doug Gourdon, Susan Stripling and Jasmine Star, JFagela Photography will continue subscribing to workshops with other gigantic names in the wedding industry locally and abroad, to make sure that the latest tips and techniques will be delivered to all clients.
Mentored by the best fellow photographers in the same industry and instructed by John Taca with lighting techniques and principles, Team JFagela Photography further augments quality of our work to give our clientele the best classic, natural and contemporary photography.


Team JFagela Photography caters all Photography and/or Videography requirements in any kind of event. However, we specialize in Weddings and Debuts but we are of the same consistency with Corporate and any other event. We understand that each event have their own preference, requirements and expected output, therefore we would like to know about the initial details of the upcoming event so we can properly custom tailor our services for your event.


We have been providing above excellent services for a few years now to most of our clients, most of them refer us to their peers and colleagues so we encourage you to view our Facebook Fanpage to read our Reviews from them. 



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