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  Good day Sir/Madam,
           This company is willing to take any kind of works that related in construction jobs. And I assure you the true, well trained skilled worker for any kind of jobs and the quality that you want for the job. 
            And the first thing that I offer you is, the Honesty of the company to the clients are always in our heart.
contact numbers: 0909-81-65-223
for smart/TNT
  for globe/TM


          Our company services are the following:
                    1. House Layout  to finishing, 
                    2. House repair
                    3. Electrical wiring
                    4. Plumbing 
                    5. Masonry
                    6. Carpentry
                    7. Cabinetry
                    8. Renovation
                    9. tiling
                   10. Painting
                   11. Aluminum works
                   12. Steel works
                   13. Welding jobs
                   14. Glass works
                   15. Plastering
                   16. Roofing installation
                         AND MANY MORE.
Also our company can provide AutoCAD plan and SketchUp for perspective view.


Roofing installation, Renovation, House Layout, Tiling, Painting, Cabinetry, Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical works, Masonry works, Steel works. 
             Those all mentioned in my services  are already my successful project that I've done mostly in the Manila area, and some of other successful project are outside manila.


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Luisito Garcia over 3 years ago

after booking them and trying to get them to do an ocular visit, they cancelled and asked me to just get another contractor because they are busy. I don't understand why they even bothered to give an online quotation. They just wasted my time waiting for them to come to our place and then suddenly bailing out.

J&J Construction and Engineering Services replied:

sorry sir, because my foreman have a lot of appointment that time. But now, I hired additional foreman to comply all your transaction.

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