IVORY Custom Lampshades (Repair/Recover/Restore)

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12 Hillside Drive, Blue Ridge,, Quezon City, 1109

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About me

Visits to the workshop are by appointment only. Photos of my projects are posted on my social media sites: FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz. To get an estimate, please follow the guidelines below. Price varies according to the size, fabric, and embellishment. The price range is P500 to P5,000. I can work with your budget, too. You can also provide your own fabric and trimmings.

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My services

Custom Lampshades, Lampshade Restoration, Repair, Recover, Redress, Lampshade Slipcovers

To get an estimate, here's how:

1) Send me (thru private message) photos of your lamp and shade at the area of your house where you intend to display your lamp;

2) send me a close-up photo of the lamp and shade; what is the height of the lamp stand and the width of the widest part of the lamp stand?

3) send me the diameter of the bottom and top part of the shade, as well as the slant height of the SHADE.

4) if you have a definite "look" in mind, send me a sample photo;

5) send me a list of your instructions, if any (i.e. color, fabric, embellishments). I will also make my own recommendations;

6) I will call you if I need further clarification.

7) expect an estimate within 24 hours after we finalize discussion on the details

Feel free to contact me at 09178149886. Look for Miriam Legaspi