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Infinity Pest Control Enterprise

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  • Adlai Jan G. Jawid
  • 2546 Conchu St. Sta. Ana, Manila, Manila, 1009
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Having a pest problem can be very frustrating. Not only that it destroys your investments, it also puts you and your family's health at risk. When you see pests crawling or flying around your home or office, what would you do? You can take your chance by choosing a pest controler at random. You could rely on a do it yourself approach.

Or do nothing, Hoping that the problem will go away.

Unless you don't mind giving up your home or gamble with your time and money with amateurs that might use harmful and ineffective pesticides

You need an expert solution.

Infinity Pest Control.

At Infinity, we set the standards to modern pest control by using nature friendly and F.D.A. approved pesticides.

Our well-trained and professional technicians will assure our valued customers the time and care they deserve in order to save time and money by giving them customized consultation and estimates.

Call us and we will schedule a free survey and estimate for you.

Infinity Pest Control.
Solutions without limits.

- General Pest Control Programme
- Drenching and Soil Poisoning
- Termite Proofing Work
- Rodent Control Programme



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General Pest Control Program - This type of program covers the control of cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, and other crawling and flying insects.

Drenching -
The infested parts of the structures especially the ceilings, double walls, floors, cabinets, cracks and joints shall be treated with termicidal solution specifically suited for termite control.

​Soil Poisoning - Soil poisoning shall be done around the house/building are as close as possible to the base of the outside walls. Trenching shall be done around the premises where soil is present.

Termite Proofing Work - A typical treatment may involve hundreds of gallons of liquid pesticide.

Rodent Control Program - ​This covers the control of all species of rodents either by the use of mechanical devices such as sticky traps or by anti-coagulants.

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