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BGC Taguig , Taguig, 1110

About me

In Image Savvy, we own our love for photography, having turned our passion into business. Combined with innate artistry and industrious professionalism, we are committed to serving our clients.

Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs sell their products and services, we provide high-quality photos that are bound to attract potential and existing customers. Highlighting the competitive angle of every business, in collaboration with marketing teams and advertising agencies, we help tradesmen achieve their financial and visionary goals.

With an experienced set of eyes that capture priceless moments, we put together a set of memories that will last a lifetime. Be it still or in motion, we go with every celebrant, for every occasion, passionate for that next incredible shot that will speak life.

So go ahead, make the connection. Contact us at Image Savvy. For we are much excited to work with YOU!

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My services


Be it fashion products or lifestyle services, whatever your business, we can capture the brilliance of your creation. As still photos or 360o degree shots, we’ll usher your audience to see the art and heart of your brainchild. Highlighting the artistry in your fashion and the customer care in your services, together, we’ll be certain to inspire and prosper.


Life is all about moments stringed together. And it has become our passion to snatch those moments that are most precious to you. Corporate functions, product launching, parties or celebrations, these are but some of the events that we can snap a hold of, making sure that you won’t miss those treasures worth the most remembering.


Nothing speaks better of a thriving organization than a portrait of purpose, efficiency and professionalism. Creating both an architectural and corporate profile through your own corporate portfolio, we can tell the whole world the vision you live by and the mission you have to get there.


Heart-gripping moments brought to moving life: This is our goal in making your videos. To display in full passion the beauty and grace of moving pictures. To produce joyous flow and haunting drama from the still imagery. Be it with your special events or creative products, we are your active partners.

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