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Leonidas Airconditioning Engineering Services
33 Reviews

  • Froilan J. Leonidas
  • 1973B Angel Linao St. Malate Manila, Manila, 1004
  • TIN 195 542 486 000

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About me

We are established technical company who would provide service, repair and installation of a/c and other home appliances and other mechanical-electrical engineering works. Being an airconditioning co. our commitment is to maintain the indoor weather quality necessary for comfortable leaving. We maintain, repair and services those machine for this purpose.We build our team in one big goal as to serve and protect the properties of our values customer for long range relationship. Our 20 years experience from local and abroad in the industry both managerial and hands on technical involvement is our main asset to survive and expand our business. Every customer we are serving we are doing our responsibility ton keep trust, confident and satisfaction.


My services

Design and Build Airconditioning System
# Design and Estimate Required unit capacity
# Supply Materials and select model capacity
# Site Visit, Prepare Installation plans
# Installation Works
# Testing and Commissioning
# All types of Air conditioning units and all brands
# General and preventive maintenance
# Ventilation System, Fans, Blower, Duct Works
Trouble Shooting, Repair and Services
#Mechanical System-Compressor, F. Motor, Piping, Ducting,
Switches, Cond. & Evap. Coils.
# Electrical System- Internal and Field wiring, Compressor, F.
Motor, Main Power Supply, Control wiring.
# Control system-Electronics system, Pcb, Thermostat,
overload and parameter sensors.
# BMS interlocking system: Interface devices ,program
manipulation, modification and field and installation wiring
# Refrigeration system: Cycle Analysis, Charging weight, type of Refrigerant, LP/HP adjustment, system restoration.
# Electromechanical Devices: Contactor, Relays,
Capacitor and safety switches.
# Pressurized Air, water and chemical cleaning for
Condenser and evaporator fins when required.
# Inverter System: Refrigeration Cycle, Electronic control
logic, Operating system, Mechanical and
electrical Sys.
# Thermal Insulation –Replace and Install
# Ducting Cleaning Operation
# Drainage System : Slopes, pipes and fittings materials,
Traps, leveling, elevation, cleaning and flashing.
Fabrication of Machine with complete parts
* Package Air-conditioner 5-30 TR
* Duct Split Unit
* Floor Standing Unit
* Concealed Unit
* Air Handling Unit
* Evaporator Coil (CHW/DX)
* Condenser Coil (CHW/DX)
* Control Panel and Circuit (Applicable to any brand
* Ventilation Fans and Blower
* Ducting, Piping, Supports and Insulation.
Home appliances
Repair, services and supply parts, - any problem any brand
Refrigerators (all Types all brand)
Twin tubs Washing Machine (Semi or full Automatic)
Laundry washing Equipment (Heavy duty, fully automatic control)
Microwave oven
Electric Oven
Water dispenser (Hot, cool, Normal)

Gas Range

My achievements

 GSIS Condominium Building
Location: Pureza, Sta Mesa Manila
Number of A/c : 882 units
Types of A/c: Window/Split wall / Floor Stand
Contact: Ms. Thess ( HOA President)
Almanza Condo. Building
Location: Pasay City
Number of A/c: 1053 unit
Types of A/c: Window, Wall Split, Ceiling, FloorContact:

Avon Philippines
Location: Metro Manila Branches
Number of A/c: 45 units
Contact: Ms. Loleta Maano (Br. M./09209050191)
Clarks Lane Bicycle Center
Location: Quiapo manila
Number of A/c: 10 units /Inverter
Contact: Judith Sapetin /0928 302 4413
Krissy Transport
Location: Sampaloc Manila
Number of A/c: 4 Units
Contact: Ctisty Faigao / 0921 445 4290
Arnold Residence
Location: San Andress manila
Number of A/c: 1 Window
Contact: Arnold / 0932 400 4004
Philamasia Recruitment Agency
Location: San Marcelino, Malate
Number of A/c: 4 Inverter Units /window/ split
Contact: Nasser
Philamasia Recruitment Agency
Location: San Marcelino, Malate
Number of A/c: 4 Units /window/ split
Contact: Nasser
Lecarte Residence
Location: Singalong, Malate , manila
Number of A/c: 1 Window
Contact: Francis Lecarte                                                 

Reviews & Rating

Very straightforward and efficient. Reliable and knows what they are doinng. I would hire them again.


by Maricar Tolentino - Aircon Cleaning Split Type 3 4 Units in Magallanes - 6 Jul 2017

thank you so much ma'am.

by Leonidas Airconditioning Engineering Services - 6 Jul 2017


by Rhiz Deray - Aircon Cleaning Window Type 1 Unit in Sampaloc - 1 Jul 2017

Not prompt and truthful with the scheduled time to clean the aircon, causing us to miss our appointment. Cleaning is typical, nothing extraordinary.


by Benedick Chan - Aircon Cleaning Window Type 1 Unit in Santa Mesa, Manila - 28 Jun 2017

Quality and fast, efficient service. However, the cleaners were NOT polite and were remarking how much the building admin is "maarte" about the policies of the condo and was sour even when talking to their customers. Will find another company next time I'll need this type of service again.


by Antonio Valdecanas - Aircon Cleaning Window Type 1 Unit in Malate, Manila - 23 Jun 2017

Efficient, easy to communicate with. Got the job done.


by Gerard Lim - Aircon Cleaning Split Type 2 Units in San Jose, Pasay - 20 Jun 2017


by Joseph Joel Zarate - in Makati - 4 May 2017

5 stars for leonidas airconditioning engineering services for doing such a great job and thank you for a fast transaction.


by Ricalyn Harina - in Sampaloc - 3 May 2017

Thank u very much ma'am for your satisfaction you deserved it .we are are always happy and ready to serve every customer.

by Leonidas Airconditioning Engineering Services - 4 May 2017


by Rica Valdez - in San Isidro, Paranaque - 21 Nov 2016

Hi Gawin Unfortunately, after the cleaning & freon injection job on 11/5, the aircon's blower weakened, even if set at maximum setting. Engineer Froilan kindly sent their crew back for a back job but they failed to arrive on time on 11/12 (appointment was for 3-4pm, they arrived 6:30pm AFTER the building prohibits any repair crews from working on job requests. So he sent them back today but inspite of my feedback that the blower wasn't functioning as before, they kept insisting that it was working fine. I finally spoke to Engr Froilan by phone and he agreed to refund the P3000 I paid on 11/5. While polite and seemingly knowledgeable about their task, I'm afraid the fact that the aircon isn't working as before, may indicate that something was broken. I will have to get another crew to handle the repair, hoping that they can restore the unit to its former functionality.


by Angela Backstrom - in Marikina - 14 Nov 2016


by felixberto c. martin - in Manggahan, Pasig - 8 Nov 2016