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"AS WE CLEAN YOUR HOMES, YOU CLEAR YOUR MIND"- homecleanic cleaning services.

We are a premium cleaning services  company that does more than cleaning, we also care for you and your home  because health at home matters! We deliver a comprehensive, thorough and therapeutic cleaning approach by using a highly advanced Rainbow hydrocleaning machine for microdust absorption, premium safe and effective cleaning solution to sanitize and disinfect every area of your home. Our trusted professional cleaners will do their best to give you the excellent cleaning service that you and your home deserve. We also give tips and suggest simple approaches to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Homecleanic Cleaning Services goes beyond your regular cleaning, it's DEEP-CLEANING! Let us discuss your cleaning requirements and we will be happy to be of service to you. God bless you,your family and your home! Talk to you soon! ---Raymond of homecleanic cleaning services


Our services: THOROUGH AND COMPREHENSIVE CLEANING is what we deliver. THERAPEUTIC Cleaning is what we offer using a industrial grade cleaning equipment, effective and safe cleaning solution, structured cleaning process. 1.Condominium,townhouses,bungalow etc 2.Move in/move out thorough cleaning 3.Carpet/upholstery cleaning shampooing, 4.Office/ commercial spaces cleaning 5.One-time cleaning.

We take pride in having serviced properties  and offices of a foreign embassy, noontime show studio and houses of famous local celebrities.



Homecleanic/post renovation cleaning done here at my home sweet home, I could have taken pics before the homecleaning but was very excited to start with the happy & energetic team of Raymond Fernandez. Was amazed on how sytematic and organized they are. I can say that this is what my house need right now with the use of Rainbow cleaning system High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter-equipped advanced and new hydrocleaning vacuum that removes dirt, germs, cement at same time purifies the air and disinfects the whole house. Thanks to Raymond & his team for the gifts! --Miss Chela Chavez  It's a one-of-a-kind cleaning! I was so impressed with their organized and systematic cleaning! I would recommend their service to everyone I know! Great cleaning service! -- Miss Angie Obispo, Quezon City Excellent! Squeaky clean! -- ​Atoy Pilares


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Imelda Mangundaya almost 3 years ago

The team was very efficient. Donna has been really helpful in terms of advise. Sofas and carpets are really clean. I will definitely hire the team again.

HomeCleanic Cleaning Services replied:

Thank you so much Ma'am Imelda. God bless you and your home.

Evita Sarenas over 3 years ago

I am very happy with their meticulous and thorough way of cleaning. Their staff is courteous and conscientious with what they do. They work CLEAN!

HomeCleanic Cleaning Services replied:

Thank you very very much Ma'am Evita for such kind and inspiring reviews. Such reviews make us heart jump with joy and will continue to inspire us to do our very best to deliver an excellent cleaning that every customer, every homemaker, everyone deserves. Happy 2017 and may your home be filled with so much joy, love, peace and beautiful memories. God bless you.

Roland Miranda over 3 years ago

They were the most expensive offer we got but not so happy with the way they communicated, their scheduling mishap and most of all the behavior of the cleaners and the outcome of their service. We got 2 offers from 2 different companies, the other company was very organized when they messaged us. They were cheaper and provided a schedule on when they will send names and IDs of the cleaners. With homecleanic, we waited for days for the promised names of the cleaners but didn't get any, so I still had to follow up, only to find out that there was a mix up with the schedule. We understood. We just provided a schedule on when we're free. They agreed. We were only provided with the names but no IDs. The cleaning day came. We were told that the best cleaners will be sent. The team leader of the cleaners knows how to do "sales talk", she'll offer free additional services to gain your trust. But mind you, be careful and be vigilant. Inspect the trash bags that they bring out of the house. The two other cleaners look like they don't know what they were doing because they keep on asking their lead how to do this and that. Lastly, our unit wasn't cleaned the way we expected it specially the bathroom. There were still dust under the window panes, dirt on the baseboard in the kitchen etc. Lesson learned, you really can't rely on the number of stars, feedback or endorsement a company has until you experience it yourself.

HomeCleanic Cleaning Services replied:

Thank you sir roland for giving us the detailed feedback. I have already spoken to the team leader and got their side as well. We apologize for the inconcenience this has caused you and we truly value your time, and all the more the money spent for a great service you deserve. If i remember it right, we accommodated your request to clean your home on a SUNDAY at 5:00 PM because this is the only schedule you have.your condo unit, considering all its cleaning requirement, will not be able to be cleaned for just few hours, we needed a day to cover all areas but then again, we did our best to accommodate and deliver with the limited time you only gave us.And with the amount you paid for 30 sqm condo unit and the location issues, there will only be 2 cleaners supposedly but we sent 3 cleaners to make the cleaning job faster but with no avail, we needed more time to clean up. We have cleaned up a number of small condo units, bug houses, commercial offices that have given us excellent ratings because ample cleaning time was given and right information on the cleaning requirement was given. Lesson learned... we will not accept cleaning jobs that we can compromise the quality we deliver because of time constraints and the complexities of the cleaning requirements Happy holidays!

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