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"AS WE CLEAN YOUR HOMES, YOU CLEAR YOUR MIND"- homecleanic cleaning services.

We are a premium cleaning services  company that does more than cleaning, we also care for you and your home  because health at home matters! We deliver a comprehensive, thorough and therapeutic cleaning approach by using a highly advanced Rainbow hydrocleaning machine for microdust absorption, premium safe and effective cleaning solution to sanitize and disinfect every area of your home. Our trusted professional cleaners will do their best to give you the excellent cleaning service that you and your home deserve. We also give tips and suggest simple approaches to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Homecleanic Cleaning Services goes beyond your regular cleaning, it's DEEP-CLEANING! Let us discuss your cleaning requirements and we will be happy to be of service to you. God bless you,your family and your home! Talk to you soon! ---Raymond of homecleanic cleaning services


Our services: THOROUGH AND COMPREHENSIVE CLEANING is what we deliver. THERAPEUTIC Cleaning is what we offer using a industrial grade cleaning equipment, effective and safe cleaning solution, structured cleaning process. 1.Condominium,townhouses,bungalow etc 2.Move in/move out thorough cleaning 3.Carpet/upholstery cleaning shampooing, 4.Office/ commercial spaces cleaning 5.One-time cleaning.

We take pride in having serviced properties  and offices of a foreign embassy, noontime show studio and houses of famous local celebrities.



Homecleanic/post renovation cleaning done here at my home sweet home, I could have taken pics before the homecleaning but was very excited to start with the happy & energetic team of Raymond Fernandez. Was amazed on how sytematic and organized they are. I can say that this is what my house need right now with the use of Rainbow cleaning system High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filter-equipped advanced and new hydrocleaning vacuum that removes dirt, germs, cement at same time purifies the air and disinfects the whole house. Thanks to Raymond & his team for the gifts! --Miss Chela Chavez  It's a one-of-a-kind cleaning! I was so impressed with their organized and systematic cleaning! I would recommend their service to everyone I know! Great cleaning service! -- Miss Angie Obispo, Quezon City Excellent! Squeaky clean! -- ​Atoy Pilares



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