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• We at HHBM Kreativ Builders aim to create design facet’s that are innovative, interoperable and distinctive yet providing cost efficient services for our clients that in the process creates extra ordinary projects and experiences.
• To be involved impressively in renovation and construction works, project management and turnkey projects most especially into commercial buildings and residential homes.
• To ensure that our company has the highest quality of products and services at competitive prices.
• To become one of the leading construction and building service provider in the commercial and residential industry. 


Our Services are mainly General Construction and renovation along with Interior design services.


For more Pictures and Designs of our projects please visit my Facebook albums at bot.moslares@facebook.com

Previous Project 2010 - Panorama, Marikina City.

Client: Alex Apsay 
Date Started: June 25,2010
Date Turned Over: October 26, 2010
Services: General Renovation, Interior and Exterior finishing with fabrication of furnishings.
HHBM Interviewed and Project featured on television - August, 2011 "The Beat QTV - Ch.11"

Previous Project 2010 - Crestview Subdivsion, Antipolo City.

Client: Val Joan Vanta
Date Started: September 9, 2010
Date Turned Over: March 27, 2011

Services: Demolish bungalow type house and build a 2-storey duplex from ground zero up. Provided Interior and exterior finishings and fabricated furnishings.

Previous Project 2011 - Village East, Cainta Rizal.

Client: Edmund Salinas
Date Started: February 19, 2011
Date Turned Over: April 21, 2011
Services: General renovation and re-finish of existing structure Interior finishings and furnishings. Construction of Sala extension structure with tempered glass walling. Construction of Trellis with poly carbonate roofing. Construction of new garage. Landscaping services.

Previous Project 2011 - Sto.Nino Village, Banilad Mandaue Cebu

Client: Francisco Jose F, Matugas
Date Started: May 16, 2011
Date Turned Over: January 15, 2012

Services: Demolish and Build. Demolish existing bungalow house and build a structural 2-storey house from the ground zero up. Complete exterior and interior finishings, carpentry design and furnishings. Landscaping services.

Previous Project 2012 - Loyola Grand Villas Subdivision, Katipunan QC.

Client: Atty. Ranulfo and Mrs. Grace Mendoza
Date Started: March 15, 2012
Date Turned Over: June 24, 2012

Services: General Renovation and Construction of Loft Tower, Game room, Family music room, Living room extension with tempered glass walling, new kitchen and new windows on original structure. Purchase and Installation of Artworks. Exterior paint finishes. Landscaping provided and Interior finishes. New Polycarbonate roofing for Garage entrance.

Previous Project 2012 - Hi-way 2000 Taytay Rizal.

Client: Mrs. Rochelle C. Estandarte
Date Started: May 16, 2012
Date Turned Over: September 27, 2012

Services: Build and construct a 12-Door, 1-Bedroom apartment from ground zero up. Interior and Exterior paint finshes, fabrication of railings, grills and concrete fencing included.
Previous Project 2013 - Loyola Grand Villas, Katipunan QC
Client: Mrs. Agnes Chan
Date Started: February 11, 2013
Date Turned Over: March 30, 2013
Services: Exterior general renovation and repairs. Construction of trellis for Lanai Area, Dirty kitchen and Laundry area. Re-painting, repair and re-finishing of all existing concrete flower boxes, all exterior walls and roofing. Landscaping services, garden and Koi pond improvement. Fabrication of cabinets for existing garage, laundry, kitchen and Lanai area. Re-tiling and Re-pebble laying of all exisitng exterior flooring.

Previous Project 2013 - Tivoli Gardens Residences, Mandaluyong City
Client: Mr. Miguel Tordilla
Date Started: July 6, 2013
Date Turned Over: September 6, 2013
Services: General Renovation and Interior Design/Implementation of Condo Unit plus Mahogany Furnishings. Fabrication and Installation of Mahogany Closets and Cabinets on all rooms including kitchen storage cabinets (All Ducco Paint Finish). Demolish existing partition to make way for a Mahogany capiz design sliding pocket door. Fabrication of Mahogany Sofa bed and double deck beds. Fabrication of all Mahogany furnitures and hanging shelves. Interior iron grill works for windows (Child safety). Purchase and Installation of Basazza Mosaico luxury tiles for Kitchen Back Splash.



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